My Andrew Collinge Experience

From previous posts and social media shares, you’ll know that I have been on a bit of a hair journey. I’ve taken my hair from a long length bleach blonde to a short concave bob in a more natural colour. I hold my hands up and admit that I am still not satisfied with hair and I think there’s still so much that can be done. After having darker blonde hair, I was desperate to inject a bit of the old me back into it. I’d heard about the new Customise Your Blonde service by Andrew Collinge, in which your colour can be totally customised by using differing amounts of shades and tones to make a colour that is totally unique to yourself.

Linda, a senior stylist at Andrew Collinge explained how by using my own natural tones and colouring, she could add different levels of colour into the mix to create different shades and colours for my hair. Sticking with a darker base, we decided to amplify the blonde around the front of my hair, and as it was getting into summer, the blonde would freshen up my style. Having had a patch test a few days earlier, Linda mixed up colours that would be perfect for my hair. Using foils for the highlighted areas, I was interested to see how Linda backcombed the root of my hair before applying the highlight colour around half an inch from the root. With a head full of foils and my base colour applied, I sat and used the complimentary Wi-Fi in the salon to catch up on emails, before reading the latest glossy mags, all the while having steaming cups of black coffee with my favourite Lotus biscuits.

My Andrew Collinge Experience

My Andrew Collinge Experience

My Andrew Collinge Experience

My Andrew Collinge Experience

My Andrew Collinge Experience

Whilst having my hair washed, I had a really good talk with Linda about hair and how I wanted mine styled. I am no stranger to getting the chop, and I have no qualms in going shorter. I spotted a professional picture on the wall whilst there, and although I am darker at the base, the colour on this model was a gorgeous milky blonde with a pink tone running through it. Again, this was a creation using Customise Your Blonde. It has certainly made me think about future colours.

At the time that Linda cut my hair, I went even shorter than before. Asking for a classic concave bob, Linda delivered exactly what I asked for. Volumised at the back, long and sleek at the front, with all the weight taken from the side so it sits just perfectly, I was so impressed with how well she did it. She also used two products from the Andrew Collinge own hair care range; CO by Andrew Collinge. I’ve been using the Blow Dry Lotion and Hairspray at home and I have fallen in love with the unique scent. They are intended to smell like Morocco, spicy and interesting but with my hyper sensitive nose they smell like a cinnamon Christmas. I love it. The Blow Dry Lotion has become a firm favourite prior to drying my hair. It’s really light and doesn’t weigh hair down, whilst giving volume and protecting from heat. The hairspray is a firm hold spray but it doesn’t clump hair and makes it easy to run fingers through, whilst keeping the style in place.

The total cost of my cut and colour with senior stylist Linda was £156 which for the amount I have had done is a fantastic price especially for a salon like Andrew Collinge, in city centre Manchester. It’s been five weeks since I’ve had my hair done and I really need my hair trimmed back into shape already, however that is inevitable when it’s so short. The colour is so impressive. The blonde is full and vibrant at the front of my hair, whilst the base colour has been matched perfectly to my natural colour so the roots are practically invisible now they’re growing through. Where Linda backcombed the root when she was doing my highlights now makes sense. When the hair is lifted, or pushed away, the blonde highlights sit in such a way that they look really natural and more sunkissed than highlighted. I think with this technique, I will be able to get away with not having my hair coloured for quite some time.

Although I adore my hair, I think I still need more blonde ran through it, making it even more sunkissed whilst still keeping it looking healthy. I’m also toying with the idea of granny grey. What do you think?

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  • It looks beautiful, I am not sure about grey. I think blonde suits you so much better.

    Keeley x

  • NO granny grey! I love your cut and colour right now, it’s kick ass and you wear it so well! it’s gorgeous! I would love to be able to do something so drastic with my hair but I would never suit it!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland