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Depotting MAC eyeshadows

I’ve ummed and ahhed for so long over whether i should depot or leave my shadows in their original packaging. I have 20-something MAC shadows, and although I use a few, I don’t use them all because I forget about them. It would be beneficial if I could see all of my colours in one place, and maybe it would stop me from being in a rut with the eye makeup I apply. I asked a few bloggers what they thought I should do, and everyone said the same. Do it. It’s a space saver and I can see all my lovely colours in one place. After looking on the insert however, It was clear that the OCD in me could NEVER just put the pans straight into the palette using my own magnets, but I would also need the refills so the shadows sat in perfect lines. Happy 🙂 Palettes and refills ordered, its time to depot the shadows.


MAC eyeshadows aren’t the easiest to depot so I thought I would write up a little step by step guide as to how to depot your shadows safely and quickly. Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult. It took me approximately 20 minutes to depot all my shadows.

You will need the following

Your eyeshadows
Hair straighteners
Greaseproof paper
A sharp knife

As you can see from the picture, the eyeshadow pot is deep, however the pan is not. The pan is sat in a black plastic setting that is clipped into the main part of the pot. To remove the setting, take a sharp knife and just above where the eyeshadow pot snaps shut, you will be able to feel a small groove. Using the knife, manoevere the tip into the groove and pop the setting out of the pot.


Placing the grease-proof paper over the plate of your hair straightener (as you don’t want melted plastic on your GHDs) and sit the eye shadow pan in its setting onto the greaseproof paper. It takes 5-10 minutes for the plastic to start to warm up. When the plastic starts to become more malleable, use your knife to push through the underside of the plastic and push the pan out of the setting.



The pan will be extremely hot at this time so watch your fingers. Place the depotted shadows onto a piece of greaseproof paper whilst it cools down. Once cool, I wiped any glue residue of the reverse of the pan.


As luck would have it, my palettes and refills turned up the morning after I depotted my shadows so I didn’t have to wait too long to start organising them. I’ve separated them into neutrals and coloureds for the time being however this may change depending on what I run out of and what I purchase next.


Even though my shadows have only been it their new home for an hour, I’ve already decided that this is by far the best place for them. I may also invest in some 4 pan palettes for when I’m travelling.

Now to organise the rest of my make up…eek!

MAC Palettes and refills can be purchased here.

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