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Delighted by Dermalogica.

Whilst having my Shrinking Violet body wrap last week, I was treated to a Dermalogica facial whilst the wrap worked its magic.
Every time I come across Dermalogica and think about treating myself, I always get a bit confused as to what to buy. I know my own skin and what needs it has, however sometimes you just need that little bit of guidance and it really helps having your skin analysed.

Before I had the facial, Katie asked me a series of questions regarding my lifestyle, health and skin concerns before analysing my skin. She explained how the facial mapping worked zone by zone so you can really understand your skins needs and then tailor your skincare routine around the concerns that the mapping picks up. I was really pleased with the results from the facial mapping. Overall, Katie said I had fabulous skin (Yay, go me!) with fantastic elasticity however she recommended a harsher exfoliating scrub around the T-Zone. She also advised that I took my moisturiser further up towards my hair line as I had slightly dry patches.


As you can see from the facial mapping guide, i have sensitivity under and between my eyes, dehydration on my cheeks, comedones (clogged pores) on my nose and slight breakout on my chin. Using the facial mapping guide, this has enabled Katie to use the correct products for my skin concerns when carrying out the actual facial.

The facial takes approximately 45 minutes and it was so relaxing, that I almost fell asleep. The following products were used:

Special Cleanse
Pre Cleanse
Multi Active Toner
Skin Smoothing Cream
Daily Microfoliant
Skin Prep Scrub
Skin Hydrating Mask
Barrier Cream
Multivitamin Power Serum

Since having the facial, I have been continuing to use the Multivitamin Power Serum. I have also been working on my target areas and have noticed a difference in my skin tone. The redness has calmed down in areas, and my skin also feels a lot more hydrated. I’ve combated the dry patches by changing my moisturiser habits and I now know which Dermalogica products are right for my skin. Dermalogica Facials start from £20 at Studio 75.

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