Blogmas Day 20: Red Carpet Manicure Kit and Christmas Gel Nails

Up until a few years ago I was a nail biter. A horrible habit that saw me bite my nails down until they were so sore I was in pain. I hated that I did it and used to compensate by wearing false nails, either acrylics or stick ons. One day I was at work and someone commented that ‘an air hostess should not have nails like that’ and I was shocked into stopping. I spent time and money on growing, treating and shaping my nails from little stumps to nice, long nails. They still show signs of the years of biting but each year they get stronger and longer. As part of my uniform standards, my nails have to be manicured and I love a bright polish in Summer and something deeper in Winter. Finding time to keep painting my nails was hard work, so I have made the plunge and invested in a Red Carpet Manicure Gel Nail Kit which cures the polish and lasts for up to two weeks.

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

I was slightly worried about swapping my regular polish for gel but I really do feel I’ve made the best choice. After I’ve worn the gels for the duration they last, I give my nails a break and wear regular polish. It surprises me just how much regular polish doesn’t look as finished as the gels do. I’ve been wearing Red Carpet Reddy and I’ve just added the Christmas polishes into my collection in Draped In Rubies, Ring My Belle and I’ll Toast To That. My favourite combination is a coat of Red Carpet Reddy with two coats of Draped In Rubies for a beautiful Christmassy look.

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

In the Red Carpet Manicure Kit you get everything you need to be able to create gel nails to a salon standard. The LED lamp is portable, which is brilliant for my job. I can take it away with me as the power cord is a USB and will fit in my USA iPhone plug. It can also be powered from batteries so you could give yourself a manicure anywhere you please.

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

To create gel nails, it really is so simple. Prep the nails by removing any polish and wipe over the nail with the Purify Cleanser using a lint free wipe. A coat of Prep, which is a max adhesion sanitizer ensures nails are ready for painting. Structure is the base coat and needs just one minute under the lamp to cure. It will still be mildly tacky after curing. For each coat of the polish, it needs to be cured for two minutes with a minimum of two coats for maximum opacity. After curing, use the top coat Brilliance and cure for a further two minutes. Wipe over the nail will Purify to remove any residue and your nails are done. The kit also includes Revitalize which is a nourishing cuticle oil that I like to use as soon as my nails are done as well as through the weeks whilst wearing the gels. For removal, an orange stick and the Erase gel polish remover are essentials.

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

The lamp has a plate in the bottom with grooves for your fingers to rest and this plate can be removed by sliding it out to give you room for your toes. It took me around 35 minutes to do both my nails and my toes. I do advise against peeling the gels off your nails as it will ruin the to layer of your natural nails and cause pain when you place your hands under the LED in future. Speaking from experience here ladies!

Red Carpet Manicure Kit

The Red Carpet Manicure Kit retails at £65 with all the products mentioned above included. Individual polishes including the Christmas collection colours are £12.95 each and the selection is huge. I can’t wait to pick up some summery pinks and corals.

  • What a strange looking thing…I thought it was a stapler haha. I do want one now though, such a enabler!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Ting

    I love the idea of doing gel nails myself. I tried it out using a mini system (Fuse by Sensationail) before deciding if I would invest in the bigger and better system. I personally found it to much of a chore to do it myself I prefer to use the sticky sandwich manicure technique or get gels done by a pro. I’m too impatient!

    Ting |

  • ofbeautyand

    Looks like a great set x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x