The Air Hostess’s Guide to a Long Lasting Face.

I cannot believe how many requests I have had for an insight into my work make up, so I though why not. I’ve been off for a few months and haven’t needed to wear such a heavy make up look so it has been nice to get back into the swing of things and get my hostie face on. As a hostie, I have to work very long days, with very early mornings or extremely late nights and I need to look fresh and immaculate at all times. I do take a lot of pride in my appearance and I make sure I always look presentable, whether it be 4am or 4pm. I have a few little tips for a long lasting face and this is my little guide to how you can achieve it for yourself.

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

Skincare is very important to me and is the basis of my whole long lasting face. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily, and double cleanse after work as my skin gets so clogged up with dirt from the aircraft. The air conditioned environment also plays havoc with my skin and dries it out so badly. I have been using Hydraluron over the last year or so and I have found that it works wonderfully and helps retain moisture in my skin. I am also loving Vichy Idealia smoothing and illuminating cream and Clarins eye contour gel prior to applying my make up. Its all about the hydration steps for me!

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

Esteé Lauder Double Wear is the only foundation that I will wear for work. It is a high coverage, long lasting, almost mask like in appearance and doesn’t budge. It covers under eye bags and blemishes without the need for a separate concealer, and I have never had to use an extra primer underneath it. When having to apply make up at 0230 in the morning, being able to cut out other make up bits is ideal. I also like that Double Wear still gives me a healthy looking complexion even under artificial lighting. After I have applied my foundation and concealer, if needed, I use a Laura Mercier powder foundation to set my liquid foundation. I use the powder puff and press it into place and use a big fluffy brush to remove the excess. It may seem like a lot of base on the face, but trust me. In 12 hours you’ll be looking the same as what you did when you applied it!

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

Sculpting is very important to me whilst at work. The lighting has a tendency to wash you out so enhancing and defining is important. Illamsqua is my go to brand for my sculpting needs, with the Sculpting Duo and Cream Pigment in Hollow gracing my contours. Skin Base Lift is a handy product to have at hand as the peach toned colour removes those horrible eye bags that I suffer from so badly.

When I do my eyes, I always want to create the illusion of me being wide awake, even though I may not be. I have learnt over the years to leave anything that smudges alone. I used to love a liquid liner flick but after running up and down an aircraft 600 times a day, liquid eye liner does not love me. Therefore I now use champagne tones and brown and gold shimmery colours as they reflect the light and give me an open eyed effect. I have swapped the liquid liner for Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Brown and I generally use MAC Bare Study Paint Pot as a base, with Woodwinked in the crease and Espresso to smoke it out with a dash of All That Glitters in the inner corner. Two coats of L’Oreal Million Lashes mascara finishes of the look. My eyebrows are heavily defined with Illamasqua Eyebrow cake and Sealing Gel to ensure they do not move all day and Aurora Gleam is used to highlight under my brow.

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

On my cheeks I like to wear a matte blush such as MAC Gingerly and use a skinfinish like MAC Stereo Rose for a touch of shimmer. As my foundation is so matte, I like to continue in the trend, plus Gingerly is one of the most beautiful blushes I own. I don’t tend to wear bronzer for work as I find that it looks yellow on my face whilst under the artificial lighting. To finish off my look, I always go for a glossy bright pink lipstick or balm like Revlon Color Burst in Vivacious. The air conditioning really dries my lips out so badly, so matte lipsticks are a huge no no. I always wear bright pink for work and when I don’t, my work colleagues always mention that I don’t look like my usual self!

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

It is quite a heavy base make up and one that I do not wear when I am not in work, but trust me girls. If you are in a customer facing role or working in a shop with artifical lights, making sure your base is set will change your life. I only ever have to top up my lipstick, even my blusher doesn’t budge as it cemented on to the double foundation base. If it feels a bit cakey, which it shouldn’t do, when you first try, spray some Fix+ onto a fluffy brush and pat over to remove the excess powder and to set your make up.

Air Hostess Long Lasting Make Up

I hope you liked my little insight to my work make up, as much as I enjoyed doing it for you!

  • Lauren T

    Gorgeous Nou!

  • Loved this post! I always look at airhosteses and think about their makeup, because it seems to last forever whilst I’m sat looking awful hahah!
    Kieren xx

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  • Melissa Z (@fruitycherries7)

    wow you have such amazing make up hun ! love your work look hun you look so chic and glamorous !

  • Love your make up look. This is the look I would like to achieve all the time.

    • I can’t have it like this when I’m not at work, its too much!xx

  • The Beauty Spot Blog Uk

    I work in a department store beauty hall and the one thing I don’t scrimp on is base! Great post! x

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  • You look beautiful, I often wonder about how it would affect your skin being a hostess, as mine always gets so dry after a long flight, so it’s good to read this post! Love Double Wear, it’s my holy grail foundation! xxx

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  • Juliana Glumac

    Lovely post. I love Revlon colour burst in vivacious. It look so pretty on you and matches your scarf.

  • It’s so interesting, I always wonder what the hostesses wear! I’m on the plane max 3 hours and look like a prune when I get off. It’s so drying! You look lovely though, a bright pink lip suits you! x

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