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Sans Air: Finding A Vacation Without The Flights

There are plenty of reasons to avoid flying, nowadays. With a lot of people being worrying about terror attacks, examples of major epidemics being started on these machines, and those with families simply finding it hard to get themselves onto planes, this sort of transport is starting to dwindle in popularity. Of course, though, when you want to travel without something like this, what are your options? To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the best vacation types which enable you to avoid the airport altogether, ensuring that your break stays firmly on the ground.


Even in the modern world, most people don’t live too far away from some green spaces. Less than 1% of the World’s land has been built on, leaving vast open spaces which are perfect for activities like camping. This sort of adventure can be found practically anywhere, with loads of people enjoying them every year, and the business booming amongst those who want to have budget breaks. When you don’t have to pay for flights or a hotel, you can save a very good amount on the adventures you decide to go on. Of course, though, it takes more than simply deciding to go to get a trip like this off the ground.

The first job you will have on your plate will be choosing a location and some accommodation while you’re there. Thankfully, in most countries, you will have a lot of options in this area, with campsite businesses, woodlands, and even fields being excellent places to spend the night when you have the right permission. Paying for something like this will be nice and affordable, but it will still be worth reading some reviews. Some campsites offer food, while others will have nightlife available, and you need to make sure that you’re getting what you want out of the whole thing.

Over the last few years, the equipment you need to enjoy some time with the wild has become a lot more accessible. Tents, outdoor clothing, and other elements of this area can be found all over the web, giving you the chance to shop around and find the very best deals that you can. Choosing something like a tent when you don’t know anything about them can be a challenge, though. To make this easier, there are loads of blogs around the web with the skills and experience to teach their users about products like this, giving you the chance to make the process much simpler.


While a lot of people don’t like the idea of spending time in the air, having a vacation at sea is often an option which goes ignored. The World’s oceans are vast, though, and provide excellent connections to loads of different countries, making it possible to see more of the planet than you ever would from the air. This sort of vacation will be a little more expensive than camping, and you will need to book it nice and far ahead of time, but this will be worth it once you’re floating around Earth on a luxury boat. Over the last few years, companies have made real efforts to create packages which are good for people of all ages.

Booking something like this is often far easier than organising a camping trip. The companies offering cruises will have already figured out the routes they’ll be taking, along with the countries they want to stop off in, giving you the chance to simply choose one which matches your vacation desires. As long as you live close enough to the cast-off location, you will be able to drive yourself there, saving the need for any sort of flight. Of course, though, like all of the vacation options in this post, you need to do some research before you book.

Road Trips

Road trips hold a special place in a lot of people’s hearts. When you are young, this sort of adventure is often one of the only travel options you have. Hitting the road with friends will be different to doing it with your family, though, and this means that you will need to change your approach somewhat. For example, the kids won’t be able to stay up late and still be in a good position to travel the next day, making it essential that a slower pace is taken when you have little ones with you. It’s surprising to find just how long you can drive for without running out of roads.

Organising a road trip is probably one of the easiest examples on this whole list. When it comes to transport, you need only plan your route and make sure that car is ready for a long drive, an you’ll be ready to go. For accommodation, though, you may have to be a little more creative. Finding caravans for sale in Wales, for instance, is a great way to handle this part of your adventure without having to pay other people for their space. This can get very pricey if you have a large family, making it worth spending some time figuring out the most affordable places to stay along your route if you are in this position.


While most people tend to camp at these sorts of events, festivals fall into their own category when it comes to travel. Not only do they involve far more people than a regular campsite, but they also have loads of entertainment on offer, with examples like Reading and Glastonbury playing host to some of the largest names in music. As the years go by, more of these options are popping up everywhere. Most countries have a handful of festivals which are aimed at different types of people, giving you the chance to enjoy something which is designed to go with the sort of genres and people you like to be around.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the more popular festivals, getting your hands on a ticket can be hellish. Thousands of people will be calling at the same time, buying all of the tickets they possibly can, and making them sell out extremely quickly. Getting around this is often a simple matter of being prepared. By having a couple of people ready to make the call, you will increase your chances of getting through on time, and this will give you the chance to get into the events you want to see the most.

Of course, when you are spending a weekend in some fields, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to fly whatsoever. In fact, you will only need to get on a plane if you choose to go somewhere overseas, and this probably won’t be necessary. It’s worth thinking about the family here, too. If you have small kids, a festival will be very hard to get around comfortably, making it worth considering another option when you’re in this spot. Other than that, though, this sort of vacation is usually much cheaper than people expect.

Going on vacation is always a very exciting time. Not only will you get to see some new places, but you will also get time away from work and normal life, opening the doors to a new you. When you don’t like flying, though, this can all get much harder to deal with. There are plenty of flightless vacations on the market; you just have to start hunting as hard as you can if you want to find something which will suit your needs.

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