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Booking A Trip To Spain? Read This

Are you booking an unforgettable travel adventure to Spain? You’re probably looking forward to seeing some of the most famous sites and exploring the staggering level of culture. Spain is a great choice for the solo traveller whether you want to relax, explore history or maybe even meet lots of new people. But there are a few things you need to think about before you book the tickets. So let’s look at the most important choices and questions you need to answer.

When Should You Travel?

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The answer to this question will really depend on why you’re going to Spain. If you just want an incredible tropical location to unwind away from the crowds in hot weather – and we mean hot – the ideal time is August. During this month the high will regularly be a blistering forty degrees so make sure you have somewhere to escape to when the sun is at its highest points. Of course, this might be easier said than done as, during this time, Spain actually goes on holiday. The whole country gets up and leaves on vacation to spend time with their loved ones. As such, you may find a lot or the best tourist activities, restaurants and bars are shut for the end of the summer season. As such, this really is for those who want the quiet life.

If you are eager to explore the cities and do tourists activities, then you may want to head over earlier in the summer or even through the spring. During this time, the weather is cooler, and everything will still be open. So, it’s the perfect time to head on the tours, see the sites and get the best food that Spain has to offer. Spain is also truly stunning in Spring, but if you want the absolutely optimum temperatures, Autumn is the right option.

Where Should You Stay?

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We’ll get to the different cities and regions in a moment. For now, we’re talking about the type of accommodation you can choose from. If you’re looking for a city adventure, then you definitely want to make sure that you book an apartment. This will provide you with a place where you can buy local food that you can get from the different shops around cities and towns. Alternatively, there are some stunning hotels, if you’re planning on making the most of eating at some the best restaurants the country has to offer and enjoying Tapas in the city every lunch time. Remember though, the Spanish eat a lot later, so if you don’t want to be in a restaurant at 10pm, you might want to get your own place with options for cooking.

Or if you want luxury, head out of the city and get yourself a stunning villa, somewhere in the hills. Companies like Interhome provide the ideal choice here with stunning villas all around Spain and close to the tourist hotspots. You can still be near the heart of the action if you rent a villa. Don’t forget the public transport in Spain is fantastic.

What Can You Not Miss?

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In truth, there are various incredible experiences that you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit Spain. Do make sure that you enjoy at least one Tapas in the city. This is so much more than a meal at lunch time. It’s a time to socialise, meet the locals and just have an incredible experience with plenty of laughs and great conversation. This is one of the things that you can really only do in Spain, but it’s not the only experience exclusive to this country.

For instance, if you are an adventurer, then you should definitely think about visiting Limite Zero. This is a zipline that takes you from Spain into Portugal. As such, this is the only international zipline in the whole world! If that’s the not impressive enough the time difference between the two countries actually means you can sort of travel in time by taking this trip and jump one hour ahead in seconds. Cool huh?

Or how about a festival? There are lots of festivals in Spain that again, you won’t find celebrated anywhere else in the world like the festival of the near-death experience. Weirdly and rather wonderfully this festival in Las Nieves celebrates the near-death experiences of the local people. The best part is that the people who had near death experiences lie in coffins and pretend to be dead while being carried to a cemetery through a town known for witchcraft.

We hope this helps you plan and prepare for your own trip to the wonderful country of Spain. With unforgettable adventures and incredible sites there really is nowhere quite like it.

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