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Getting The Most from my Hair – Purples, Pastels and Plex!

Back in February, I visited Barn//It where I endured five hours of hair colouring to get my golden highlight and warm dark blonde hair transformed into a creamy and icy ash blonde balayage. Since then, we have been experimenting with colour and used the L’Oreal Colorista pink, lilac and mint shades to create a mermaid/unicorn hairstyle. By the way, I still have a patch of green in my hair that will not come out and it’s been months, rather than weeks so please do take care when using the Colorista shades and you do only want a temporary colour. Whilst the rest of my colour has come out, I’ve needed to get the ashy blonde back to it’s original state before I can add further colours to it. I’ve pulled together everything I have been using as of late to keep my hair in good condition and to add some much needed vibrancy and a touch of colour to it.

Getting The Most from my Hair - Purples, Pastels and Plex!

Getting The Most from my Hair - Purples, Pastels and Plex! Provoke Touch of Silver

If you haven’t heard of Pro:Voke Touch of Silver then where have you been? It’s the classic silver shampoo that has been around for so long that I remember using it when I was in my teens. The range consists of products to keep your blonde hair bright and toned, as well as looking after your colour. I’ve been using the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Pre Toning Primer, which really seems to help in getting my hair evenly toned, before shampooing with the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo. I do find this shampoo to be quite drying on my hair and my hair feels so squeaky clean when I’ve wash it but the all over toning that it gives is worth having to use extra conditioner. The ashy tones really come out when I use this shampoo without them looking too harsh. It’s very natural and it gives it the boost it needs. The Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Intensive Conditioner also leaves my hair very soft and smooths down the hair shaft. It’s a great three step regime that delivers great results.

I’ve recently been introduced to the Infuse My.Colour Platinum, which is a 100% Vegan formula shampoo that promises to neutralise yellow and makes hair bright and shiny. After using Pro:Voke for a few months prior to My.Colour, I can massively see the difference between them. Although the Pro:Voke is good, I find the My.Colour to be a far superior product. First of all, the shampoo is so creamy and moisturising that it isn’t drying at all. I can’t use the Pro:Voke more that twice a week, but with the My.Colour I have been using it a lot. As it’s a platinum enhancing colour, I have seen how my hair has been transforming from an ashy blonde to a more grey toned, platinum shade. It hasn’t given me the steely grey shade that is so in fashion right now, but I think that if I keep one at it, it’s going to head that way.

I have missed my coloured hair so much and whilst I’m waiting for my hair to grow a little bit more before it’s full colour change, I’ve been taking matters into my own hands and getting creative with pastel shades. From Schwarzkopf, the Pastel Sprays are temporary colours that last around 2-3 washes, and for their low price points, they’re actually really good. Apricot Sunrise and Cotton Candy have been my choices of shades, naturally and they are so easy to apply. I wash my hair and towel dry it before adding the sprays to damp hair and brushing through. I do random sections so the colour blends and mixes around the hair and there’s no worrying about getting it perfect. Once it’s been sprayed in, you blow dry the colour into the hair and it’s done. I do have to use a leave in conditioner because my hair needs conditioner and if not, my hair feels a little bit crispy. On my blonde hair, I get around 2 washes before it comes out, which to me is perfect because it means I can have a different colour each weekend.

Getting The Most from my Hair - Purples, Pastels and Plex! Infuse my colour platinum

Getting The Most from my Hair - Purples, Pastels and Plex! schwarzkopf pastel spray in colours apricot sunrise cotton candy

Getting The Most from my Hair - Purples, Pastels and Plex! schwarzkopf colour expert omegaplex treatment

I have found a product that to me, has absolutely changed my life when it comes to my hair. It’s an absolute bargain at £3.99 (now £1.99 at Boots), and it has literally changed my hair for the better. The Schwarzkopf Color Expert Colour Sealer Treatment with Omegaplex has brought a new lease of life to my hair and to my colour. With the popularity of salon brand Olaplex, a treatment which helps strengthen hair and maintain colour, it’s actually quite refreshing to be able to top up at home in between hair appointments. I spend a lot of time and money on my hair and I want it to look shiny and glossy, whilst feeling strong and supple and the Color Expert has done just that. Using it in place of conditioner and leaving it on for around a minute, my hair feels crazy good right now. I do only use it once a week and not each time I wash my hair but I think my hair is actually craving the treatment when it comes to wash time. For the special offer price at the moment, I am stocking up!

What kind of hair care do you use? Have you tried any of these? What colour shall I go for next?

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