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Whiskas Kitten Kollege with Thomas!

Everyone knows just how much I love my Thomas. So much so that he even has his own Instagram page to update everyone of his daily goings on. He’s a clever little cat and with him being a house cat, he has such a personality that has enabled me to be able to teach him little tricks. He knows how to wake me up, to make himself heard and he will even play fetch. What a clever boy. When I saw that Whiskas, (which happens to be Thomas’s favourite brand for his daily dry food), were running a Kitten Kollege, I thought this was an absolutely perfect way to showcase just how clever my cat is. With many people getting involved in Kitten Kollege, and some hilarious kitten behaviour videos on YouTube, I couldn’t wait to get grading Thomas on his tricks. It’s time to go back to school Thomas!


There is definitely no denying that Thomas is an agile little cat and he can fly through the air with ease when it comes to catching rolled up balls of tin foil. He loves to climb up high and jump onto the top of cupboards and walk across the top of the door, swiping at my head when I come too close. I often find him contorting himself into some strange positions when it comes to taking blog photos. Kitten gymnastics? He gets an A* for that!

Whiskas Kitten Kollege with Thomas!

Whiskas Kitten Kollege with Thomas!


Thomas is a house cat and although he has never shown any signs of wanting to be an outdoorsy kind of kitten, he does like to go for a run around on the balcony. I have no issues with playing outside, because he knows when I’m asking him to come inside, just as he knows exactly what number house he lives at! Another A* for Thomas.

Home Economics

For a cat that doesn’t like water, Thomas sure does love it when I say it’s time for a shower. As soon as I say the magic word, he likes to sit in the bath and wait for me to turn the tap or shower on so he can drink the running water. But, as soon as the water touches him, he’s out of there like a flash. B for effort.


He will never be able to speak, but just how cute does he look next to my Hello sign. He’s just adorable. He could do better and learn to miaow back when I say hello. Must improve – C.

Whiskas Kitten Kollege with Thomas!

Whiskas Kitten Kollege with Thomas!


Morning is when the dawn chorus starts. Have you tried to get ready for work whilst the cat is singing to you? It’s like I can’t get a word in edge ways. Thomas loves to chirp at me whilst I walk down the stairs ready to feed him a bowl of his morning Whiskas with chicken Kitten food and a fresh bowl of water. He literally sings for his supper, or breakfast. Another A* for being so clever.

Thomas has been my fur baby for nearly 9 years. In fact, he’s 9 at the end of this month and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I’d love to introduce another cat into the house but I would definitely be asking for trouble. He’s the man in charge. In the meantime, I will just have to satisfy my kitten addiction with the Whiskas YouTube channel. It’s just adorable.

Also, the old adage definitely goes. Never work with kids, or animals. Getting shots set up on a cat photo shoot does not work!

*This post is in collaboration with Whiskas, but all opinions are my own. Thomas gave consent to being featured and you can check out the YouTube Channel for more Kitten Kollege fun, as well as the Whiskas website for all the yummy cat food for kittens!

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