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The Air Hostesses Guide: What’s in my Crew Bag

I’ve been seeing a lot of What’s in my Bag posts lately so I thought I would mix it up a little. As part of my Air Hostesses Guide, I thought a ‘What’s in my Crew Bag’ post would be quite fun, especially as the items I carry around in my case are things that I need mainly for work. I also have so many people ask just what is in my trolley case, and I’m guessing that the contents aren’t quite what people think. So, without further adieu, here are my in flight essentials; for work and for myself.

What's in my Crew Bag

What's in my Crew Bag

My crew bag is quite a decent sized bag, and it holds quite a lot. Sometimes, my actual suitcase is lighter than than my crew bag with the amount of stuff I like to have on me. No wonder I have a bad back! In the front pocket of my case I keep all of the essentials that I need easy access to; spare paperwork, baggage tags, my cash wallet and high viz jacket. I also keep my magazines in the front for when I am travelling or having my break. I have just packed the latest mags from my subscription service.

What's in my Crew Bag subsriptions marie claire, instyle, heat magazine

What's in my Crew Bag

As you can see, I like to have a lot of things with me. I suppose it’s covering for all eventualities. Packets of cereal and emergency chocolate bars are hidden in the case, alongside my sunglasses for when I land in a foreign destination, and my eye mask for trying to rest on flights home. I also have uniform that I need for the flight; my tabard for services and my cardigan for when it gets cold, as well as my cabin shoes. I’m not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous post, but as cabin crew we have to wear two different types of shoes in a working day. We have our outdoor shoes which are worn when we are in uniform but not on the aircraft. These have a heel of around 3.5 inches and are a smart court shoe that compliments the uniform. For our cabin shoes, which we change into when on board the aircraft, the heel is around 1 to 2 inches in height. A low heel is much needed in the cabin as flat shoes have such a damaging effect on my legs and give me so much pain. The heel on the Hotter Shimmy shoes are just right, and the round toe and leather material make them ideal for work. I’m so shocked at just how new they still look when I have been wearing them for over two months!

Hotter shoes shimmy leather

hotter shoes leather shimmy

One very important item that I need to carry with me is my passports. I have two passports; one is my current and in date passport and the other contains my ten year US Visa. My old passport with my Visa expired before my visa did, so I have to carry both around until it is time to renew them. I have the cutest personalised passport holder from Claireabella, with a travel stamp design and the doll icon is personalised to look like me. Not only that, but my name is on there, making it easier to get my passport back to me when there are 11 crew checking in at once. I also have the matching Claireabella make up bag which I keep my make up that doesn’t need to be cleared at security. This is mainly powders and brushes as everything else needs to be in a clear plastic bag. The make up bag is made of super soft fabric and although it looks quite small, it can fit in so much. I love how the Claireabella range is suitable for everyone and can be customised for any look.

Toxic fox claireabella makeup bag passport cover personlised

Toxic fox claireabella makeup bag passport cover personlised

One of the randomest items I have in my bag, but the most needed, is my travel hot water bottle. Working through the night isn’t called the graveyard shift for no reason. Between 3am and 5am, I find that I simply cannot get warm at all, and I am chilled to the bone. My hot water bottle comes in so handy to give me a little burst of heat and helps me perk up for the next service. I also have the best little kit that is designed to cover any mini emergency. The Airplane SOS Kit from Emma Lomax makes sure you have an answer for lots of lifes little emergencies. Mini sewing kit, toothpaste and toothbrush, ear plugs and a phone charger to name just a few. The bag also doubles up as a handy wash bag and I have filled it with added extras such as hair bobbles, spare tights and clean underwear as you just never know what might happen!

sew emma lomax sos airplane kit

Sew Emma Lomax Airplane SOS Kit

Finally, in my mini jute bag I have all those bits that come in handy when I’m in the galley. Kitchen surface wipes, oven gloves and ice tongs, pens and lots of teabags. I’ve been drinking the new Tetley Superfruits Immune with added Vitamin C in Peach and Orange flavour. These haven’t hit the supermarket shelves just yet, but they have been providing me with 17% of my recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. That’s great news for me as I need to up my intake to help my B12 issues as well as to fight off all those germs that I am exposed to. The Tetley Super Green Tea Boost with added B6 is a delicious Berry flavour and the B6 helps fight off tiredness and fatigue. Who knew that just two cups of tea could help me in so many ways! The Super Green Tea range is available now in four different flavours. I may need to stock up.

Tetley Super Green Tea Immune Boost

Are the items in my crew bag what you were expecting? What did you think may be in there but wasn’t? Let me know in the comments below.

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