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The Air Hostesses Guide to Skin Hydration

As an air hostess, people often ask me just how do I keep my skin hydrated with all the flights I do, and what are the best products to take on board a flight to keep themselves feeling human after a transatlantic journey. The answer may change depending on who you ask, yet for me it’s simple. Moisture, moisture, moisture. I’m going to take you on a journey today. A journey of my can’t live without, most wanted and holy grail items that I use l whilst at work and whilst travelling to keep optimum skin hydration.

My number one item to keep your skin and body hydrated is of course water. I try to drink three litres a day, every day. It may seem like a huge amount but when you can visibly see the difference that water makes to your skin and body, you’ll be a convert. Try adding fresh ginger and lemon to a bottle, or even infuse water at home. My favourites are cucumber, mint and lemon infusions and raspberry and blackberry using fresh fruit. Whilst at work, I use a sugar free flavouring to help that last litre go down. The benefits on my skin are very apparent. My skin looks plumped up, fresh and healthy. I feel energised from not having sugar and in general I feel awake and alert.

The Air Hostesses Guide to Skin Hydration

The Air Hostesses Guide to Skin Hydration

The Air Hostesses Guide to Skin Hydration

The Air Hostesses Guide to Skin Hydration

Flying can take its toll on your skin, and working in an environment where dirt and pollution is high, my ‘at home’ skincare routine is in depth. I remove all my make up post flight with a cream cleanser, followed by a cleansing oil to rid my skin of any impurities. For the last ten years I have been using products by Estée Lauder; Micro Essence, Advanced Night Repair and Revitalizing Supreme moisturiser. Each product is very rich, and gives my skin the nourishment that it needs whilst helping fight the toxins from the pollution and helping to battle signs of ageing. This is where seven hours of sleep also helps!

Every morning before work, after cleansing, I quench my face with a hydrating toner like the Jurlique Rose Water Toner before applying my favourite Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma cream. The hyaluronic acid within the gel cream retains moisture in the skin and also leaves skin feeling like glass. It’s great to apply makeup over to give a flawless finish.

Treats for the skin include twice weekly exfoliation using Origins Original Skin Clay Mask and these handy one use face mask pods from Nügg Beauty.

Whilst on board an aircraft, I have four key products in my liquids bag which I use daily. A facial spritz from Kiehls, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour hand cream, NUXE Lip balm and eye drops. When my skin is feeling parched and in need of refreshment, without ruining my make up, the Kiehls In Flight spray is perfect. The lavender and geranium scent is soothing and calming not only on the skin but for the mental state. A good lip balm helps keep lips feeling supple and wearing matte lipstick isn’t an issue if lips feel smooth and hydrated. As I’m constantly prepping my skin, I try not to forget my eyes and keep them lubricated using drops. They’re a must for contact lens wearer. Finally, a good hand cream is necessary. Dry air, harsh washroom soaps and manual labour on board means hands get the brunt of the job. A good cream brings back that bit of luxury we need.

These products are my old faithful items that have been discovered throughout my flying career, and ones that I hope will continue into the future. As long as your skin is getting the moisture it needs, you will stay hydrated. Look for products that are rich and nourishing for post flight, soothing and refreshing for mid-flight and packed with hyaluronic acid for an extra boost.

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