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The Air Hostesses Guide to Miami – Part Two

The second part of my Air Hostesses Guide to Miami is focusing on those all important beauty products that I have been using whilst away. I can’t cover every beauty product that I used as we really would be up to part twenty five before we knew it, so we are looking at the key ingredients for keeping skin and hair protected and refreshed in that 100 degree heat. We also need to keep protected in the UK, especially with these mini heat waves that we have been experiencing. I haven’t always been a user of SPF in both face and body creams, but the last ten years or so I have made sure I use them. As I work on an aircraft, and with the high altitudes that I fly at, I am a lot closer to the suns harmful rays than the average person. Although I am not in direct contact with say the cockpit windows all flight, I still make sure that my skin is protected with an SPF of at least 20 prior to putting my make up on. I’m not taking any chances on looking like a leather handbag later on in life.

Superdrug solait vichy crystal clear spf suncream

At the moment, I have three different facial SPF products on the go and I use these for different occasions. The first is from Crystal Clear, a brand that I have been familiar with for many years. Crystal Clear is the brand used at my local salon for my microdermabrasion treatments. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that their skincare was being sold at Debenhams. The Protect & Repair SPF40 is my current facial SPF of choice. It’s lightweight, and it doesn’t clog up skin, especially when getting hot and sweaty in the sun. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth whilst looking radiant. I haven’t had any issues with burning whilst wearing Protect & Repair, however I make sure I apply it frequently. I like to use this whilst out and about in the sun, with a light BB cream over the top.

Crystal Clear Protect and Repair SPF40

I firmly believe that French pharmacy brands are some of the best in the business, and Vichy features quite heavily in my skincare routine. I have two different facial SPF products from Vichy, one that I wear daily for work and the other that is more suited to those work trips where I am being a sun worshipper. The Vichy Idéal Soleil range has two stand out products that I couldn’t go without. The first is the Mattifying face fluid dry touch SPF30, which is the preferred choice for my daytime SPF. As it mattifies the skin, it makes light work of adding foundation over the top. It doesn’t clump or bobble which is fantastic, especially with a long day of wearing make up whilst in the sky. As I only wear this for work, I haven’t found any adverse effect on my skin, but I do have to double cleanse to make sure it has all been removed after a flight. For sitting out in the sun and baking, I use SPF50 Velvety Cream Complexion Refining Action. I wish in my earlier years that I had taught myself about sun protection and I hope now that some of the sun damage that was caused in my teens and early twenties has reduced somewhat. Perfect for intense heat, it doesn’t bobble on my face or make my skin feel congested and itchy.

Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50 SPF 30 facial cream

Superdrug have an extensive range of Solait sun care products and I personally do not tend to use anything less that an factor 30 on my body. I spend a lot of time in extreme climates, on long haul trips where the sun is fierce and burning is not on my agenda. Sun damage is something that I am concerned about, and although I do still sunbathe, I also make sure I am fully protected. Solait Factor 30 lotion and Solait factor 50 Sensitive Spray are my factors of choice, and with both I still get a gorgeous, deep and dark natural tan that lasts, without peeling. To stop my skin from drying out post sunbathing, I slap on the Moisturising After Sun Lotion that I have kept in the fridge. It feels amazing! Myself and Keeley were also thankful for the Superdrug Instant Body and Face Cooling Spray in the 100 degree heat. It’s a great instant fix that cools you down quickly in the sun.

Superdrug Solait Sun Care Suncream

Two products that I have absolutely fallen in love with are from the Solait Perfecting range. The BB 5 in 1 Bronzing Cream and the Shimmer Oil are just incredible. The BB Cream is ideal to wear with the Crystal Clear Protect & Repair as it increases luminosity whilst being lightweight and non-transferable. The colour of the BB cream is golden, yet doesn’t leave skin looking like an Oscar statue, and skin looks naturally glowy and sunkissed. The Shimmer Oil has been making an appearance every time I have had my legs on show. It’s not a dry oil, yet it isn’t overly oily. It’s quite moisturising and doesn’t feel at all greasy, and works beautifully with a natural tan to make skin look gorgeous and glowing. Although it is a face and body oil, I prefer to use it on just my body as I find it a bit difficult to work into the face when wearing make up.

Superdrug Perfecting shimmer oil bb bronzing cream

With all the focus on the body and face, it’s quite easy to forget the mane attraction; your hair. Holidays to me are meant for sexy, dishevelled beach waves and a a good deep conditioning treatment after being in the sun. I mentioned the wonders of the John Freida Beach Blonde Kelp Help deep conditioning masque in my What’s in my Shower Caddy post, and how it has been giving moisture back to my frazzled locks. I have also been using the John Freida Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray to create natural, tousled waves with texture and hold. I spray onto towel dried hair, twist random sections of hair and finger comb to create uneven messy waves. I find that it doesn’t work on dry hair, so damp hair is best.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Kelp Help masque Sea salt spray

Miami was such a great holiday, and I love trying new products out when I’m away. There really has been some stand out products in those that I have mentioned so I hope that you think of them the next time you go away. Whatever you do, don’t forget your SPF! Can you recommend any other high facial SPF products for me? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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