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The Air Hostesses Guide – How do I become an Air Hostess?!

At least twice a week, I receive emails, Twitter DMs and Facebook messages asking me for advice about becoming cabin crew. I have been waiting for such a long time to write this post, and with good reasoning, as many airlines now have started their recruitment drives ready for Summer 2015. I have got nearly nine years worth of experience in being cabin crew so although I know my stuff to an extent, I am by no means an expert or careers advisor. I am going to aim to give you as much information about making that first step into becoming cabin crew and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. So, how do I become an Air Hostess?!

How do I become an Air Hostess?!

When I first applied for my airline, I had just returned home after spending two years in Mallorca as a rep for a holiday company. My airline was part of the same company that I was working for overseas so it was natural for me to apply to the airline. One of the most daunting things I found when applying for other airlines, although I really wanted to be a part of the one I am now, is that there are so many differences between them. Did I want to remain in the UK and settle or would a life in the Middle East be more suited? Did I want to work for a charter airline or a scheduled carrier? Was long haul important to me or would short haul be more my thing. These were the things that I really needed to think about and I made the decision to work from a UK base, on a charter airline that has a mixture of long and short haul.

Most airlines have minimum requirements that you must meet before you apply for the position. These are usually requirements from the list below.

You must be aged 18 or over
Height must range between 5’2 and 6’3 without shoes
Although size isn’t discriminated against, you must be able to fit in a crew seat without the need for modification
Confident swimmer up to 25 metres, unaided
Customer Service experience, minimum of 6 months
You must hold a full UK passport with no restrictions on worldwide travel
Must be able to live and work in the UK with no restrictions
A full 5 year referencing history must be able for the company
Good standard of education, fluent in English
Flexible to work any hour, any day including Christmas and Bank Holidays
No visible tattoos or piercings
A CRB check will need to be carried out

This list may differ for each airline, although these were the minimum requirements when I first started. Recently, a full medical has been required so being fit and healthy enough to do the job is essential. Its hard work on your body!

When sitting down to fill in your application form, I would suggest having the following to hand before starting.

National Insurance Number,
The last five years working history with a personal referee for each gap of 28 days in which work wasn’t carried out. Also, the name and address of your benefits agency if you have been claiming job seekers allowance.
Your email address and a memorable password ready for creating your online application profile.
An up to date CV
A covering letter
Some answers to sample questions such as ‘Tell me about a time that you gave good customer service and provide examples’ etc
Your passport, and if it needs renewing then make a note when it expires.
And personally, a spell checker is always handy. That one little mistake could ruin a whole application

At the moment, several airlines are recruiting so here is a little run down of the companies that I have found.

Thomson Airlines
Thomas Cook Airlines – Closing date 17th November
Virgin Atlantic

Keep an eye out for my next Air Hostesses Guide in which I will be running through exactly what my job entails and nearer the time, I will give my experience in assessment days! Please drop me an email if you have any questions in your quest on How do I become an Air Hostess!

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