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Stur Coconut Water Enhancers

As a frequent flyer, I have to make sure I’m fully hydrated when at work and I drink a ton of water. The only problem with water though is that it can become quite boring, quite quickly. I often buy Crystal Lights water enhancers from America, but sometimes I can go for months without visiting the States and if I do, I don’t always get chance to visit Target to pick up my necessities. More recently, I’ve started to notice that stores in the UK have been selling mini cordial bottles which are the perfect size to fit into my liquids bag, but I don’t particularly like cordial. It’s too sweet and syrupy rather than just enhancing the taste of water with a flavour. I’ve discovered Stur, a natural water enhancer that is made with Stevia, rather than sugar. Stur Coconut Water enhancers come in three different flavours and I’ve been trying out these alternatives to sugary cordials.

Stur Coconut Water Enhancers are made using real coconut water which are naturally rich in electrolytes, which really help in keeping the body hydrated. Coconut water is quite an acquired taste and at first, I really couldn’t get my head around the taste of it. After persevering and also seeing the benefits after a stonking hangover, I really got into the flavour and how it made me feel. The creamy taste of the water is unusual at first but I find it to be really tasty and moreish. With the bottles of Stur, I have the original, as well as the ones flavoured with pineapple and lime. The natural sweetener Stevia makes it taste slightly artifical however it’s so much better than the use of real sugars, especially when flying as I find that sugary foods and drinks leave me feeling sluggish.

Stur Coconut Water Enhancers

Stur Coconut Water Enhancers Original

Stur Coconut Water Enhancers Lime

Stur Coconut Water Enhancers Pineapple

My favourite of the three is the Stur Coconut Water with Pineapple, as it tastes really fresh and tropical. The Lime infusion has that tangy citrus edge which although tasty, I can’t drink too much of it, so it’s wasted in a 1.5 litre bottle of water. The original tastes just like coconut water, smooth and creamy and really delicious.

The bottles, as I mentioned earlier, are the ideal size for taking on board the aircraft as they come in 38ml bottles. There’s no sugar and no calories and the addition of Vitamin C helps with metabolism and has great anti-fatigue properties. You can see why it’s ideal for work, as well as taking to the gym. I also love the history behind Stur; a family made brand in which a father wanted to create a great product for his twins that was good for their body.

If, like me, you need extra hydration and struggle to drink your daily amount of water, I totally recommend Stur. You can buy it from the Stur website, where a bottle is priced at £2.99.

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