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Red Letter Days Experiences for Christmas

Sometimes it is really difficult to buy for someone you know. Regardless of how long you have known them for and how well you know their likes and dislikes, they are impossible. Take my sister for instance. She’s more like a best mate than a sibling, yet if you asked me to choose a present for her I couldn’t do it without some intense thought process and asking her significant other to do some digging. However, when it is done correctly and the right present is chosen, I can guarantee tears. It’s the best part for me. With Christmas getting closer and the amount of days left to pick that special someones present, it might be time to take a look at Red Letter Days. A fabulous service where you can choose the experience that the recipient will receive. 

Ordering a Red Letter Days experience is simple. Simply head to the Red Letter Days and choose from the selection of experiences that are available. As I like to travel around, I chose a City Break Experience which I will be redeeming in the New Year so I can get a well deserved weekend away in one of my favourite places; York. From ordering to arriving, my Experience took 2 days to reach me which I think is a fantastic service. It also gives you a peace of mind should this be a last minute gift and taking into account the Christmas posting times. It was sent securely, via courier so no need to worry about being lost in standard post amongst all the Christmas cards

When it comes to redeeming the experience, there is a specific area of the Red Letter Days website where you can redeem your voucher. The unique code that is on the back of your card lets you log in securely to choose your next break. What I did notice was that you are also able to swap your experience voucher over should it not suit. You may have received a City Break but a Spa Break is more your thing, then you can contact Red Letter Days directly who will be able to assist you further in choosing the perfect experience. 

Due to how busy I have been this last few months, I cannot wait to get away for a weekend. Whilst I have been unable to do this on this side of 2018, it does mean that 2019 is already starting off on a good foot by knowing that I have something to look forward to. I will take you along with me after I have booked my city break. 

For that last minute gift, or for a present for those who are difficult to buy for, I think Red Letter Days are absolutely brilliant gift ideas. I don’t know why I haven’t used them sooner!

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