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Pure Gold Collagen by Minerva Labs

Every woman wants to have healthy, plumped up skin, long and strong nails and glossy, shiny locks and to reduce the signs of ageing. As a woman of 31, although I am still young, I am noticing changes in my self that comes with age. Although I try and take the right steps to prevent ageing, sometimes you just need that extra helping hand. Pure Gold Collagen by Minerva Labs* have just done that by introducing a daily supplement into my lifestyle in the form of a liquid drink.

Pure Gold Collagen

The science behind Pure Gold Collagen is quite interesting, and I am going to do my best to explain without getting too scientific. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein within our body and it helps with the structure and density of the skin. When you are young, you have a lot more collagen within your body and as you start to get older, you lose this collagen, hence the reason why you age and you see signs of ageing such as thinner, lined and sagging skin. The body loses the ability to produce collagen at around 1.5% per year, so as you do get older the collagen you have in your body at 16 years old will differ dramatically to someone of 60 years old. Pure Gold Collagen have created a liquid supplement, a hydrolysed collagen which is easily ingested in the stomach and absorbed into the body. It will travel through the intestine and into the blood stream where it can penetrate the deep levels of the skin. This small peptide form of collagen has a low molecular weight as naturally occurring collagen has a high molecular weight and cannot be absorbed or ingested easily. Are you still with me? Good!

The 50ml bottle of Pure Gold Collagen contains 5000mg of hydrolysed collagen, which tastes like a tropical fruit drink when taken. The high amount of collagen within the product is up to 20 times more than found in typical collagen tablets. Although the science behind Pure Gold Collagen sounds pretty impressive, I’m sure you want to know what the actual results are like. Let me tell you!

Hair: My hair seems to have grown out of nowhere. Usually when my hair gets to a certain length, it stops growing however it seems to have a mind of its own lately. It feels stronger and more supple, and is relishing the collagen that it is getting.

Nails: My nails aren’t the best, they never have been but lately, well what can I say? I’m pretty proud of them right now. They look healthy, strong and long. Nail varnish is lasting longer, I’m getting less splits and breakages and they look like a hand models nails. I never thought I’d see my nails look like this.

Skin: The overall decider as to whether Pure Gold Collagen is worth the money. Personally, I feel plumped up. Not only the skin on my face, but the skin on my hands looks noticeably different too. I had started to see a few lines on my neck and they have disappeared into nothing. My absolute favourite is when people try to guess my age and I get told I’m around 25 years old. Ah, that is worth the money any day! Work colleagues comment on how well I look, asking me if I have changed my diet or lost weight and tell me that I look healthy and glowing.

Pure Gold Collagen is available directly from the Pure Gold Collagen website with free delivery, and also from Boots and Holland & Barrett.

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