Peanut Hottie: The best thing since sliced bread!

Last week I was sent probably one of the best things ever. A hard core peanut butter addict like me could not have been sent a better product than the Peanut Hottie. A peanut butter flavour hot drink that is made simply by adding hot water to 4 heaped teaspoons of Peanut Hottie powder. Oh my god, its like the juice from the Gods, a nectar so delicious that I can’t stop thinking about it. The addict is addicted.

Peanut Hottie Drink

For me, a tub of hot drink powder is one of my staple crew bag items for work. Usually a hot chocolate or a chai latte mix, my night flights aren’t complete without a soothing and warming hot drink. Coming in at just 83 calories per serving, Peanut Hottie is a fabulous alternative to my usual options, without pondering whether a moment on the hips will forever be a lifetime on the hips! It is suitable for vegetarians and is also caffeine free, making it a perfect bedtime drink.

Peanut Hottie Drink

Speaking of the low calories, I totally made it into a calorie laden dream by adding a big blob of Nutella to it and stirring it until it melted. It was like a melted snickers in a cup. Drooling thinking about it!! I’m going to have a play around and add the powder to cupcake mixes and try and create a peanut butter and Nutella cake. I think the possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t need to stop at sweet goodies, it can also be used in savoury food recipes.

Peanut Hottie Drink

Peanut Hottie* can be found adorning the shelves of Sainsburys and Waitrose with an RRP of £2.99. Have a look at the Peanut Hottie website and see what you think!

Will you be trying Peanut Hottie? I’m currently enjoying mine with a bag of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. Peanut overload or what!