Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals

When I go into work and people ask how I am and then proceed to ask how Thomas is, it does make me chuckle. For Thomas is not my boyfriend, my child or even a human. He is my cat. I’ve had him since he was a little kitten and he’s just turned seven, so as you can imagine, he plays a large part in my life. Living alone, and showing crazy cat lady tendencies is totally fine by me as this little bundle of black fur never fails to put a smile on my face. Thomas is a house cat so he has developed quite a personality; he’s loving and likes a cuddle, he loves to play fetch and he also loves to wake me up by licking and pawing at my face. Although I work away a lot, there is no better feeling than seeing that furry face waiting behind my front door for me to come in after a long day at work. It might be true that I spoil him, but why not – I spoil myself so it’s only fair that Thomas gets some presents every now and again.

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals.

Each month I receive my monthly beauty subscription boxes which fill me with joy and happiness. If only they had one that was made just for cats! I found Cat Hampurr on Twitter and after seeing lots of pictures of cats enjoying their boxes, I took the plunge. Not only did the Cat Hampurr come addressed to Thomas the Cat which is just the cutest thing ever, I’ve never seen Thomas go so mental at a sealed box before. I could barely get the packing tape off before he was inside the box to greet two new toys and a selection of cat treats. Thomas was so pleased to get a new Molly Mouse to add to his collection as well as a Yeoww Catnip Sardine. He wasn’t interested in the treats until he had rolled around on the floor, twisting and contorting his body into silly shapes. Having tried the Thrive cat food products before, Thomas loved these but I’m still trying to get him to eat the Leaps & Bounds dried meat treats. After all the goodies were taken from the box, he proceeded to sit in the empty box before trashing it and the tissue paper inside. That is one happy cat and definitely worth the subscription price. There are several subscriptions plans also available to suit each budget.

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Hampurr

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Hampurr

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Hampurr

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Hampurr

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Hampurr

I love this time of year and feeling the first chill in the air. Autumn is my favourite season as it means cosy blankets and early nights in my comfy bed. Updating Thomas’s sleeping quarters has been high on my list for sometime and knowing his love of getting of boxes, I thought that a cat cube would be a perfect addition. I chose a cat bed from My Four Cats in a wood effect finish with cream fleece cushions, one on the lid and one inside. It took approximately 30 seconds before Thomas got in it, and it’s safe to say that he loves it. Whenever I am curled up on the couch and think that he’s being very quiet, I look over to his corner and he is usually curled up and asleep inside his cat cube. He’s so cute. I’ve also added his very own personalised Thomas blanket, as black cat hair and white fleece do not mix and I want his cube to remain in pristine condition. I found the personalised pet blankets on I Just Love It and the soft brown blanket with gold stitching looks so cosy. The blanket is also machine washable which is a massive bonus for me.

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Cube

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Cube personalised cat blanket


Whilst I was browsing on I Just Love It, I also found a beautiful glass and ceramin cat food container. Thomas adores his Dreamies so I thought it would be a great place to keep them. It only took an hour or two before he realised that the glass jar has all his Dreamies inside, so he now sits and miaows by it. I keep his jar next to his cat cube so he can guard the treats all day long.

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Cube personalised treat jar

Pampered Pets and Spoilt Animals Cat Cube personalised cat blanket

What would you buy to spoil your cat?

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  • Haha hes loving it. My dogs are spoilt too

    Carrieanne x

  • I have bought Gizmo a few of the Cat Hampurr boxes in the past and she absolutely loves them. Maybe need to treat her again, she does deserve it.

    I love all the customised items for Thomas as well, that blanket would go down well in our house!

    Thomas is absolutely gorgeous, you are right to be chatting about him all the time. Handsome boy! Being a fur mummy is great fun!!

    Carrie xx

  • Beautyqueenuk

    Oh my, my two boys would absolutely love those cubes. Like you, I have no children, but I do have fur-kids and they are spoilt rotten x

  • Such a cute post!!

  • Thanks for the lovely feedback & nice post! We love Cat Hampurr too! They’re a great company! Sorry this wood grain cube is sold out but we’ve got more being made! In meantime we have several other designs at so come for a visit ???? we sell on Etsy & eBay too and our eBay sales benefit RSPCA, Cats Protection & Battersea Home in London. Thanks again & hugs to Thomas & everyone’s cat kids out there ❤️

  • Cat Hampurr

    Thank you for the lovely pictures! Thomas is so lovely, we’re glad he enjoyed the Hampurr x

  • Lucy Johns

    This has to be the cutest post ever, what a gorgeous little cat. I cannot wait to have one, but my landlord doesn’t accept pets, wahwah!

    Lucy x

  • my cat pumpkin would love all this! Thomas look so cute and a spoiled kitty just like mine hehe! 🙂