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Lifestyle – Updating My Kitchen

After the success of decorating my bathroom, I have been walking round my house picking holes in every room and looking at what needs doing next. The decorating bug has well and truly bitten me and I am getting more and more excited by home and interior magazines. Who knew I could be such a house loving person? I really want to decorate my kitchen next but funds are limited and I cannot bear the thought of having to rip it all out to start again. The walls, the shape of the kitchen and all those pipes to work around fills me with dread. When I first moved into my house, the kitchen was brand new and although it is sleek and in keeping with my style with its dark beech cupboards and sleek silver handles, I want to change things so it looks more shabby chic and vintage, but with a modern and clean feel. In collaboration with Solid Wood Kitchens, we have put together three easy ways to update the existing cupboards to make a new and improved space. Sometimes it’s just easier to work with what you’ve got!

There are a number of different elements that make up your cooking space – one being your kitchen cabinets. You’ll no doubt want your cabinets to have the capacity to store all your essentials, but it’s likely you’ll want them to look good from the outside too. So, if you’re not convinced yours are currently looking their best, here are three easy ways you can give your kitchen cabinets a much needed makeover.

1. Replace the door frontals

If installing an entirely new set of kitchen cabinets is out of the question, you could simply replace the door frontals of your existing cupboards instead. Not only is this a cheaper way of overhauling the look of your kitchen space, there is much less fuss involved too. You can simply take off your current doors and replace them with new designs.
When it comes to choosing cabinet doors, make sure you keep your overall kitchen design in mind. For example, if you’re going for the farmhouse vibe in your cooking space, why not choose traditional, shaker style designs? Usually constructed from thick, solid oak, these doors are the epitome of timeless shabby chic, and as solid wood kitchen cabinets point out, this door design can help add warmth and flair to your kitchen space.

Lifestyle - Updating My Kitchen

Lifestyle - Updating My Kitchen

2. Swap the handles

If you’re after a quick, inexpensive way to give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life, why not swap the handles? This is simple to do yourself and it can help improve the overall look of your cooking space.
Especially if you’ve picked out new door frontals for your cupboards, make sure you go for designs that will complement your theme. For instance, if you’ve gone for sleek, high-gloss cupboard doors, you might like super slick, brushed metal style handles, while petite, rustic-looking knobs are perfect if you’ve chosen frontals with a shabby chic finish.

3. Install under-cabinet lighting

To really up your kitchen cupboard game, you could install some under-cabinet lighting. These illuminations are designed to sit underneath your upper wall cupboards, emitting a warm, subtle glow of light throughout the room. Aside from enhancing the look of your cabinets, the brightness can help create a homely, inviting atmosphere in your cooking space too.
There’s no denying that giving your kitchen cupboards a makeover is a great way to enhance your cooking space. Whether you decide to add new door frontals and handles or you go for some super cool under-cabinet lighting, you’re guaranteed to improve the look and feel of the whole room.

Three very simple ideas to bring a whole new lease of life to my kitchen. I’ve been looking at under cabinet lighting and I think that even this one small and inexpensive step will make such a difference to the ambience in the room, plus it saves having to keep switching on the ceiling light each time I pop in to put the kettle on. Which is a lot lately. Have you got any ideas for improving your kitchen space without spending too much money? I’d love to hear them!

*In collaboration with Solid Wood Kitchens

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