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Interior Design For Extroverts

Do people describe you as quirky? Do friends say they love your personality? Is your dress sense utterly different to everyone else on the street? If you answer yes to these questions, then you’re an extrovert. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Okay, it isn’t a scientific test but there’s no doubt that extroverts are a little out there in everything they do.

So, your house shouldn’t be any different. Properties need to imbue the characteristics of their owners. Otherwise, they don’t have any personality. Someone like you would rather live on the streets than in a dead, cold, bare home. You’d probably make a better go off a cardboard box and some old newspapers!

However, the chances are you don’t want to go overboard and create a Willy Wonka-style colour scheme. Subtlety isn’t your strong point, but there are boundaries. To stay true to your extroverted ways, it’s essential to channel your inner qualities, the ones which are the most important to you as a person. Here are the ways to do it without going OTT.

Pick A Colour, Any Colour

The different shades and hues throughout the house will dominate the style. A scheme is vital for bringing different elements to life and making the interiors seem bubbly and vivid. Introverts do this by choosing neutral colours such as creams and whites and eggshell. They like to be delicate and restrained when they pick up a paintbrush. Extroverts are different.

The odds are high that your favourite colour isn’t black or white or anything neutral. Instead, it’s probably bright red or sky blue or sunshine yellow, something which is bright and shiny. So, use this to your advantage by decorating with your favourite hues. Look how the room underneath uses baby pink as a focal point. It also mixes a deep purple into the style perfectly, which adds an amazing contrast.

The Bloggers Bedroom Copper Blush Pink Pale Grey

Remember that whatever the colour, you can fit it into a scheme. All you have to do is think about the matching shades and how best to make it stand out while being seamless.

The Material Palate

Homeowners fret about the colour palette because it seems as if it’s the most important thing. After all, it brings life to the room and turns a house into a home. As a result, the material scheme goes out of the window. In fact, most properties stick with leather sofas and armchairs for cleaning purposes. They might be a rug on the floor, but it’s an afterthought. Well, it isn’t for extroverts.

Materials are a powerful weapon as they add texture to space, and that makes it more dimensional. It’s as if you can feel the fabrics on your face as soon as you walk into the room, like an interactive video game. Plus, the contrast is excellent too. Therefore, don’t stick to one or two materials – include as many as possible. This is a fantastic tip because you’ll find that plenty of features are different. For example, you can’t have a leather floor so the furniture will mix with the flooring right off the bat. Talking of wood, exposed beams are an excellent way to make sure there is contrast. Just give them a once-over with a deep stain to make them cosy and homely.

Last but not least, don’t forget the tiles and granite. The room below mixes the warm woods and fabrics with the cold kitchen countertops to great effect.

Art Attack

Do you remember the kid’s TV show from the 90s and early 2000s? Well, all you Art Attack fans can dig out the pencils and paintbrushes and put them to good use. Nothing says extrovert better than personal drawings and paintings. Even if you can’t draw, there is nothing wrong with trying to create something from scratch. All you need to do is throw colour on top of colour and see what happens. At the least, it will fit into the scheme.

Anyone who doesn’t want to channel their inner Lowry can buy artwork. Naturally, your instincts will take you towards the quirky stuff and you should go with your gut. But, remember to keep the overall style in your head. Choosing things which don’t match ends up looking cluttered like you threw it together in hope rather than expectation.

Something which works very well is printing off pictures and sticking them on the wall. Not only is it arty but it’s the ultimate way to show off your personality. Nothing says you more than memories of the good times with your loved ones.

Shop Off The Beaten Path

It’s easy to point out the ways to channel your extroverted personality, but it’s not simple to execute the plan. The problem is the high street – it’s full of shops which are the same. Go into B&M or B&Q and you’ll find everything from similar kitchens to tins of paint. How can you show off your personality when there aren’t any shops which sell the right products?

The answer is by shopping off the beaten track. Go online and you’ll find loads of suppliers which tailor towards non-conventional styles. At Unique Vanities, there are bathroom fittings and fixtures you won’t find in general stores. Simply Bamboo has flooring options which are exotic and affordable at the same time.

As a well as online shops, head to the vintage boutiques. They’re a little more expensive, but they do have cool knick-knacks which scream “I’M AN EXTROVERT!”

Don’t Listen

It sounds ignorant, and it is to a degree, but extroverts shouldn’t get bogged down with conventional wisdom. It’s okay for generic personalities, but you’re anything but. All it does is to remind you of the reason why you’re an extrovert and how much you hate the establishment.

Use magazines and websites and YouTube videos by all means, but pick and choose your favourite aspects. Then, put them together in a smorgasbord of eccentricity. Go with your gut rather than the status quo.

Hasn’t your stomach done you proud in the past? So why question it now?

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