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Ideas For Your Body Modification

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A lot of people who are looking for something new will turn their attention to some sort of body modification. Taking charge of our own bodies is the name of the game these days, thanks to the progressive nature of sections of society since the 60s we are now in a position where most people have modified themselves. A body positive attitude is our aim here and with that in mind, we are going to look at some of the ways you make alterations to your looks.


Let’s start with the most straightforward and popular of the genre. Piercings have been around as long we can remember and they are popular for people across any gender. As the years roll on we are starting to see piercings on all sorts of parts of the body and your options continue to be growing and greater than ever before. Once upon a time a simple study or ring in the earlobe was commonplace and the only body modification you would likely see. However, these days you can get most parts of your ears pierced, from the tragus – the inner side of the external ear – to big plugs. But you don’t have to stop there; your piercing options can stretch all over the body including the nose, lip, nipple and belly button. You might be thinking that your options are limitless, and you might be right. Some people have even gone as far as to get studs in their sternum and arms.

Whatever you decide to do with piercings, make sure you practice good health and safety. Enlist the help of an experienced professional to get your work done because you do not want to see what happens when they go wrong.

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Another aspect of body modification that has seen its popularity soar is the art of tattoos. The options for a tattoo are pretty much open to any part of the body, and a cursory glance online will quickly tell you that wherever you’re thinking, someone has got ink.

One of the great joys of getting a tattoo is finding the right artist to help you. Once again you want to be seeking out experienced and professional artists, however this time you will also be looking at styles. There are so many different types of artwork that you can get inked onto your body such as watercolours, realism and tribal, so make sure you seek out the style that you find most appealing. After all, the tattoo is going to be on your body for a very long time.

Finally, on tattoos, make sure you discuss the design with your artist. While they won’t be able to tell you what you want, they will be able to guide on what is possible and what isn’t. You might find that your initial plan is a little bit too elaborate, but trust in the artist to help you get something that reflects your hopes for a tattoo.

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