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How to Keep Warm This Winter

I had a bit of a shock at the beginning of last month. My latest utility bill arrived to say that I was to get a new direct debit payment with an increase of 40%. I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing alongside the sentence that I had a lower than usual spend during the summer – duh! It was boiling but to prepare for winter they were hiking my bill up tenfold. Now, I’m not usually the kind of person to worry about things like this but on this occasion, it got me a little stressed. In my mind, the heating was going to have to stay off and I wouldn’t be able to afford it if it increased any further and oh, my mind was whirring. It did make sense to start looking at just how I could bring this looming bill down and what steps I could take to be more efficient and ultimately, stay warm this winter. To me, staying warm means being comfy and I know just how well I can do comfy. Getting some ideas from Chums, I have put together some ideas of how to keep warm this winter. 

Happiness planner pour moi grey marl loungewear

It would be sensible to stay warm by layering up and I do find that during the winter, I am terrible for overloading the layers. It doesn’t help that I am also that person who is cold all the time. A few years ago, I treated myself to a ridiculously cosy and warm onesie (similar) with a faux fur hood with ears and a teddy bear tail. Made from the softest fleecy material, it gets pulled out each winter to keep me cosy and warm. Yes, I may look like a child but I’m all snuggly and warm and I can live without central heating for the time being.

You can’t go wrong with a luxurious set of loungewear to keep you feeling toasty warm. It’s a great way to layer up, whether you wear a simple vest or even thermal underwear underneath to keep the heat in. I do find that most of the time that I am indoors, I opt to change for into loungewear prior to changing into pyjamas. Not only do I feel more relaxed but I wouldn’t be bothered should anyone decided to call round unannounced.

Slippers and fluffy socks are my downfall and at one point I was buying Primark fluffy bootie slippers followevery few weeks alongside their cosy slipper socks. I am still buying fluffy socks but I have contained my slipper buying since I got my Ugg slippers. If my feet are warm, I am warm and my Ugg slippers are amazing for keeping my tootsies toasty. I do also like to double up with a thick pair of socks for extra comfort. 

When I’m not in loungewear, I’m in pyjamas and I have been favouriting brushed cotton pjs as of lately. I don’t think there is anything more warming than brushed cotton and flannel. They remind me of bring a child when we really knew it was winter and the Calor gas fire used to get brought out for extra heat. I have seen some gorgeous fleecy pyjamas in Primark which come in a set with an eye mask and socks, so they are definitely on my to buy list. 

If you were to visit my home, you would notice how cosy I have made it. Blankets are draped over the sofa, with giant cushions to snuggle into. Each room has ambient lighting with candles and fairy lights, and the windows are adorned with heavy lined curtains. As I have such an old house, one of my more intelligent home purchases was to buy thick curtains. Not only do they black out the light but they really do help with keeping the heat inside. During the colder months, my living room curtains get closed every evening to keep hold of that low, warm winter sun that has been beaming through the window all day. 

With all the items in my house that I have bought to keep me cosy and snuggly, I shouldn’t need to be putting the heating on until it drops to 0 degrees and starts snowing. When I was a child and I used to complain about being cold, the answer was to put on more clothes until I warmed up. It was a common answer in the 80s and one that I really should do more, rather than simply switching the thermostat a little higher. I can’t wait to revisit this post next year to seethe difference in my utility bills!

Tell me your favourite way of staying warm in the winter in the comments. 

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