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Hospital Visiting Tips

With the issues with my back still ongoing, it’s been quite refreshing that things have been progressing quite well when it comes to getting it fixed. After spending the last two months on a new medication, I’m really pleased that it has been effective and my wobbly leg and arm are no longer as wobbly. It makes a huge change to my life when it comes to doing household chores and being able to get out of the house. I’ve had that much of a spring in my step that I’ve even been able to tackle some decorating, which from those of you who watched my Instagram Stories, you’ve all been watching in droves and asking me so many questions about tile paint. I will definitely be doing a post on my decorating so keep an eye out for that. Although it took me 4 days to paint four walls, I’m so proud that after months of struggling to do the basic jobs, that I can now be a bit more active and only have to deal with some mild discomfort rather than the pain that I was in.

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I’ve recently had a visit to the neurosurgeon at Salford Royal, one of the best Spinal clinics in the North West. After having a good chat with the surgeon, there is a possibility that we can delay surgery for the time being as the medication is doing it’s job, however with my age, there’s also a window where they want to do the surgery in the future, just so they can get me off the large amounts of tablets that I have to take each day. The prospect of surgery for me isn’t great. I want to get back into work and back into a routine but then again, I also want to get the problem rectified and be able to make a fresh start of my life.

I’ve been thinking about a hospital visit, and rather than be maudlin about it, I’ve been embracing that it will be a few days where I will be looked after and have the best possible care. It’s also a chance for new pyjamas and slippers, a new book and some much needed rest away from social media and my laptop. After a previous hospital stay where I had a tonsillectomy and prior to that, my appendix removed , I had lots of visitors and plenty of time to see people but I did notice things on the ward that people did, that my visitors didn’t do. I’ve put together some of my own tips for a comfortable stay and some tips for visitors that help make a stay much more enjoyable.

Check visiting hours and maximum visitors.

When I had my appendix removed, I was only nine years old. I remember vividly a family used to come and visit a child on the ward, and there were loads of them during the day. It was really noisy and I found it quite distressing as a child to be away from my family for that length of time whilst there were lots of unknown people around. It’s also quite daunting to have so many people sat around especially when it’s my family and you can never get a word in edge ways.

Check what you are allowed to bring in.

The same time that I was in with my appendix removal, a child on the ward didn’t eat hospital food and her family brought in big steaming boxes of curry each night. Although I would have loved to have had some, and I love the smell, I just remember feeling really nauseus from the anaesthetic and all I could smell was curry. It’s nice to have food brought in but remembering that you’re on a ward with others who may not appreciate the smell. The same goes with perfumes and flowers. Post op is often a frustrating time where senses are heightened. I would much prefer a little potted succulent, something that I could take home and nurture.

Bringing in gifts.

It’s always nice to have some home comforts. I know that as a patient, all I want is something to pass the time. Whether it be a puzzle book, some trashy magazines or a new book, I’m grateful for something to keep me occupied. With the hospital having it’s own TV service, I thought that an iTunes voucher to buy a box set of programmes would be a great gift for someone having a hospital stay, or for the latest album to listen to. I will always appreciate a bottle of Perrier water, the latest copies of Take a Break and That’s Life! and my own pillow.

Slater and Gordon are working with bloggers to give their top tips for a successful stay and you can find other tips by searching #HospitalHelpingHand on Facebook and Twitter. Do you have any top tips? I’d love to hear them!

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