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Hey Big Spender!

Why hello there, and welcome to the big spenders club. We hope you know that by the title of the article, we were talking about the famous song. We’re not trying to lure any of you overspenders in here to try and take some of your money. We’re doing the exact opposite. This is the big spender fight club, and we’re going to try and kick as many of your bad spending habits to the curb. Because they are there, and we love to do it. We just can’t help but get addicted to that feeling inside that is telling us to spend, spend, spend! It’s literally a addiction. Even professionals say that there is such a thing as being addicted to shopping, or just overspending in general, so don’t let anyone tell you different. But, how do you think you’re going to combat such overspending, when overspending is all you know? Well, you’re going to read this article, and get the lowdown on what needs to be done. Because all of you overspenders reading this are reading it for one reason only, you can’t afford to do what you do. You might like it, but your bank account doesn’t. So, today is a new day, and if you follow our tips, it could be the start of something beautiful.

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What Do You Overspend On?

Ooft, for some of you this list could go on for a while. For those of you who are well and truly addicted to overspending, you could overspend on something as stupid as some chewing gum. One simple pack isn’t enough. No, you need to go three car sized pots. One for the home, one for your car, and one for your bag. That is how overspending works. You take the simplest of spends, and turn it into something big. One area where we can all raise our hands to the overspending, is our homes. It starts right from the moment you buy one. You get carried away with the size of the house and the mortgage, the items you put in it, and the bills you chose to pay. The list could go on, but one thing we want to highlight is the value on your home. All these expensive things you like to put in them is actually a goldmine for people to come in to. Theft of homes is definitely on the rise as well, so it might be best for you to look here  for home insurance. Yes, we actually are telling you to spend some more. But if you were to fall victim to a robbery, the cost of trying to replace everything would be so much worse. Now, back to the overspending. If you can pinpoint that you like to overspend on anything, then all you need to do is rely on a family member. Take out all of your essential money. That’s for bills, fuel, extras etc. and then give your bank card to a family member. You’re not allowed it back until the next payday. See how well this works for you, because we guarantee it will make a difference to your life.

Where Do Your Habits Stem From?

This is also a really good thing to think of. Sometimes if you locate the source of your problem, all of your other problems will just melt away. What is one of the biggest stems for all of you? It is the way that you were brought up. Not to say that your parents didn’t do a good job that is. But, if you grew up always having what you want, when you want it, it’s sometimes so hard to say no to yourself now that you’re older. So, all you have to do is realise that you need to work hard for the things that you want in life. Rather than buying things all the time, think about the things you really want. It might be a holiday, a new car, or maybe even to move home. Now, your parents can’t sort any of that for you, it’s all about you learning that the harder you work, the bigger things you’re going to be able to get. When you want something big in life as well, you will stop buying all of the smaller things that you usually buy. This is called strategic saving, and once you master it, you will start to master your spending habits.

Have You Got Yourself Into A Pickle?

Don’t feel as though you’re the only one in a pickle at the minute. Spending so much can sometimes lead to some of us spending money that we just don’t have. Spending money that we don’t have leads to debt, and debt is just a tough cookie to try and fight with. So, if you do feel like you’ve got yourself into a bit of a pickle that you’re struggling to get out of, then talk to someone about it. All you have to do is Google debt advice, and there will be tons of companies that come up, all of which are just trying to help you. Even if you just need some free advice, it will all be there for you! Don’t let debt defeat you, and definitely don’t let your debt build up over time. As soon as it appears, wipe it out so you can keep your mind fresh.

Let’s Stop All The Questions

Ok, so enough with all the questions. Now it’s time to just think about how you’re going to move forward after reading this article. Some of you will make a difference to your lives, some will realise too far down the line that now is the best time to change your spending ways. The bigger your family grows for example, the more money you’re going to need as a safety net. The older you get and head towards retirement, then more you’re going to think about the money you wished you had put aside for it. Your decisions now will definitely affect your future!

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