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Getting a bunch of fresh flowers, to me, is one of the loveliest gifts. It’s not often that I’m home enough to enjoy a bouquet, or be the lucky recipient of one so when I am on the receiving end, then it’s really special. I do like to treat my friends and family to bunches of flowers, whether it be a birthday or special occasion, or just to say ‘thanks’. When ordering a special bunch of flowers, I need to know that they will live up to the expectations set by the website and most importantly, to arrive when they should. Although I have used several different online suppliers of fresh flowers, I didn’t realise that Debenhams had their own flower delivery. I was very intrigued to see how their service matched up to previous suppliers.

Debenhams Flowers

I had my flowers delivered at the beginning of August and the range that I chose from was the Summer Collection. Since we are now in September, the range has changed to the Autumn Collection so one of the bouquets that I was lucky enough to receive is no longer available. The original bunch of flowers that I chose was a bouquet made up of green hydrangeas, peach roses and pink stocks. A beautiful bunch on the website, and one that I thought would fit in well with the shabby chic style of my living room. I arranged next day delivery and they arrived around lunchtime of the specified day. I was more than impressed with the timings and how well the flowers were packaged. When I removed them from the box was when things unfortunately weren’t living up to the brilliant first impressions I had just received. I don’t want to dwell on negatives, but in short the flowers were looking a bit towards the end of their life, the stocks were an alternative colour but they just fell apart from the stems and the roses were tinged with brown. Although they looked ok once I’d rearranged them into a vase, I would have been very unhappy to open a bouquet and see the quality of what I had received.

Debenhams Flowers

Debenhams Flowers

Now, this is where Debenhams have really made a lifelong customer from me. Although my flowers were a PR sample to see the service and quality, if I was a real customer Debenhams have a policy to put a smile back on our faces. Not only will they refund the money for the bouquet, they will also send out another bouquet free of charge on a next day delivery along with a goodwill gesture of chocolates or wine. I reordered a replacement bouquet of the Autumn Sun, and they arrived at 11am the next morning alongside a generous sized box of GuyLian chocolates.

Debenhams Flowers

When I opened the box, my apprehension soon drifted away as I came face to face with a bouquet that looked just like the one I had ordered. From a customer point of view, I would have been quite upset especially if they had been ordered for a special occasion, and whilst I am aware that working with live products can sometimes have its downsides, the replacement bouquet was just beautiful.

Debenhams Flowers

Debenhams Flowers

Debenhams Flowers

It’s quite obvious that the flowers lasted more than the chocolates, but the length of time the flowers lasted was really good. Although the original bouquet was looking a bit worse for wear, they lasted a good 7 days whilst the Autumn Sun bouquet lasted around 10 days. With a bit of rearranging and removing the dead looking flowers, I managed to keep both bouquets looking pretty for the rest of their lifespan.

Debenhams Flowers

With bouquets starting from £19.99 in the Flowers By Post, with free standard delivery on all bouquets and Next Day Flowers, Debenhams also delivers seven days a week. With an easy to use website that also offers gifts, wines and hampers, there is no shortage of finding a perfect present for that special someone. I’m really impressed with the delivery service as well as the lengths that Debenhams Flowers go to rectify any problems, and for that reason I will order from Debenhams Flowers time and time again.

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  • Beautyqueenuk

    I love being sent flowers and this bunch look absolutely stunning x

  • Keeley

    How disappointing but what a great service Debenhams have provided to rectify the issues. I love the sunflowers.

    Keeley x

  • fashion for lunch

    these are beautiful and great customer service.