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Fancy Going Funky?

Being that alternative and funky person is one of the most important things at the minute, we think anyway. We’re living in a world where there aren’t actually that many people who like to go funky. We’re actually living in a world where people are actually sheep. Everyone follows something else, and you won’t find people who dare to be different that often. If you go to big cities, you might experience it a little bit more, but you’ll generally find that in smaller areas, people are just the same. If anybody does look a bit different, or dares to go a bit funky, you’ll often find that they’re the talk of the town! So, we want to try and make you the talk of the town for all of the right reasons. Don’t get funky confused with weird, because that’s definitely not the vibe we’re trying to go for. We just want you to stand out a little bit more, and to actually enjoy the style you’re wearing, and the way that you look!

The Very Late Gay Pride 2017 Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester Gay Pride Parade
Festival Makeup with Just My Look

Funky Accessories

Fashion and accessories are actually one of the best ways that you can express yourself. It allows you to be creative just as art would, and a lot of people definitely do take this to the extreme we’ve noticed! But accessories aren’t just a handbag or a scarf, it’s the things you can do to your body to make a statement, and we think the best way to do that is through piercings. Girls are now covering their ears with them, and they actually do look so pretty because there’s just so many cute choices you can choose from. A daith piercing is actually proving pretty popular at the minute, and it doesn’t hurt as much as you think it would. Pretty much all piercing pain is just quick and sharp, and it might sting but only for a little bit afterwards! Just do whatever makes you feel beautiful, happy, and funky. Don’t be afraid to be alternative through the use of piercings!

Funky Hair & Beauty

Hair is one of the most risky things that you can mess with, because if you do something so drastic that you just don’t like, it’s so hard to come back from it. You have to waits months for the change to come back through. But we also think it’s one of the ways people are actually more experimental, as well as beauty. For your hair though, experiment with different lengths and colours, but stay away from box dyes. They’re so bad for your hair, and too much experimentation could completely ruin it. As for your beauty, all you have to do is Google funky beauty tutorials, and hundreds will come up!

Funky Personality

This is one we really want you to try, because we feel like people try and be something they’re not so often, that they actually lose their way in life. We want you to try and be more open and out there, and stop caring about what people think about you. There’s always so much judgement in this world whether you have a funky personality or not, but we do truly believe a funky personality is the best type of personality.

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