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Decorating Your House Like It’s The 1890s

If you’re someone who’s a fan of the aesthetics of the past, this is the post for you! We’ve got you covered with plenty of tips on bringing that Victorian sense of styling back into being; breathe life into your surroundings by covering them in old timey wallpaper and getting an antique armchair set up in the corner of the room. Halloween’s coming along soon so this is the perfect time for you to get creative – you could throw a houseparty and pretend the seat is haunted – get some ghost props to prove it!

But on a more serious note, if you love the idea of decorating around a theme, and you’re just moving into your own place or you’ve got a spare room you’d love to whip into shape, why not dress it up like it would have looked a hundred years ago?

There’s something about old furniture that’s just a little more cosy, don’t you think? (Credit)

Use Appropriate Paints

And no, that doesn’t mean you need to cover your walls in lead, don’t panic. But if you want your dining room or your spare bedroom to look like it’s straight out of a Jane Austen novel, you’re going to need to stick to some bare and neutral colours. And more often than not, these are going to be darker tones you’d usually avoid when browsing the paint board in the DIY store.

But if you’ve got darker yellows, autumnal reds, light purples, and some baby blues on your hands, you’re in for a winner. These were all popular colours back in the day, and they’re still acceptable to a modern mindset as well – either that or get some wallpaper with a bit of skirting and faux padding in its design. It’s more era appropriate than actual wood.

Find Cheap Furniture that Fits the Part

You’re not going to be able to score an original King Louis XIV on your budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on furniture that looks like it came straight out of a Victorian design catalogue. Old furniture was built to last, and a lot of it has, you just need to know where to look!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty benefits of reproduction furniture, other than the price tag, and you’re never likely to regret fitting them inside your house. Be on the lookout for pieces with labels like ‘Queen Anne’, and be sure to nip down to every antique store within your local radius to pick up some good deals on items that might could very well be from the time of yesteryear. Find yourself a cameo to hang on the wall at least!

Decorating a house to make it look like a pocket of time gone by doesn’t have to be hard on you. Just be sure to find yourself some good deals, use the right colours, avoid taxidermied animals in the basement of your local curio shop, and then sit down and relax in your new Victorian parlour!

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