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Date Night…with Thomas! #AD

It’s been a ten year long relationship and we are at that point that we are very comfortable with each other. I know his favourite food. He knows to not touch the remote when I’m watching Netflix, and we live in complete harmony. Just me and my boy, Thomas. Now for new readers to my blog, you’re probably wondering who Thomas is. Let me introduce you to my main man. Thomas. My little boy who I’ve raised since he was 10 weeks old, and now, at a grand old age of 10, he’s my little mate and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I never thought I would become one of those cat ladies, but I’m right there. 

These days, we prefer to spend a Caturday night indoors. As the weather is changing and the nights are drawing in, it’s so much more enjoyable to spend the evening inside. The heating on, a good film or series on Netflix, a good bottle of wine and a homemade meal. It’s made even more enjoyable with my little furry black shadow by my side. Did you know that Thomas isn’t one of those cats who has a particularly loud purr but if I stroke him just under his chin, it gets louder. It’s too cute. He also gets his purr on when he sees me go into the cupboard where his Temptations are kept. He does love a treat or two. Just like me!

From the very beginning, Thomas has only ever eaten Whiskas cat food, and he is very partial to a bowl of Whiskas Casserole. His favourite flavour is chicken and he wolfs it down. You’d think he had never been fed before when a plate of this is put in front of him. On our perfect date, whilst he is demolishing his casserole, I’m demolishing my casserole. Both made with fresh ingredients, rich gravy and succulent pieces of meat, it’s filling and satisfying and makes us both feel very content. A healthy and filling meal is very important in my house, for both myself and Thomas. There’s a definite need to make sure I’m getting all my veggies and nutrients, and I want the same for my cat. The Whiskas single serve pouches are ideal for a meal for Thomas, and I can always combine them with the Whiskas dry cat food to give him a diet that works for him and leaves him looking healthy, and with a shiny and glossy black coat.  

Thomas Whiskas Date night

After a hearty meal, even on date night, curling up on the couch is the best. In the season of fluffy socks and throws, we love our snuggle sessions. With Thomas, it’s like having my very own furry hot water bottle. I do love it when he snuggles right into me and cat snores away. It leaves me in peace to watch my boxsets, but I can guarantee that once I open the chocolate, he will be wide awake and making it his game to play with the wrapper. 

We are definitely the perfect pair and a match made in heaven. We both like good food, long naps and cosy blankets and I don’t know what I would do without my little dude. Even now, as I write this blog post, he is trying to curl up as close as he can to me. It’s true love. 

This post is in conjunction with Whiskas, but all my opinions are my own. And Thomas’s. He loves it. 

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