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Childhood Memories with Carex

I wouldn’t usually dedicate a blog post to something like hand soaps but when I first saw these colourful Carex soaps on a friends Instagram, I was very intrigued. Usually, I buy all my hand soaps from Bath and Body Works in the USA and I love the different fragrances that they have to offer, but finding a collection of hand soaps that are all intended to smell like childhood favourite sweets is just amazing. Carex, the home of hand wash have created Fun Editions; five soaps that all smell like sweets and they smell good enough to eat.

Carex Fun Editions

Carex Fun Editions

Carex Fun Editions

When my parcel of Carex Fun Editions arrived, I couldn’t resist opening them, just to see how they smelt. Whilst sat in my neighbours house, we all had a good sniff and excitedly started reminiscing about days gone by and the conversation littered with ‘it smells so good’. I have three of the scents; Bubblegum, Strawberry Laces and the new Love Hearts. Out of the three, Strawberry Laces in my favourite scent, with Bubblegum evoking the most memories. The new Love Hearts scented soap is actually the nicest of the three, when used to wash hands. The scent isn’t too overpowering like the other two and my hands feel so clean and moisturised, without being dried out.

Carex is well known across family homes for removing dirt and killing 99.9% of bacteria. As it’s dermatologically tested, it’s suitable for all the family to keep skin soft and clean. I’ve started to decant my soap into little bottles to take to work with me, because I find the hand soap at work to be really harsh and drying on my skin and I need to keep my hands clean all of the time. I’ve also been using these handy anti-bacterial hand sanitisers and Strawberry Laces wipes for those times where I’m not near a sink. Handy to keep in my bag, or pocket of my work uniform, on the go hand washing is easy.

I do like love it when everything is clean and sparkling, especially now keeping clean smells like my childhood. Thanks Carex!

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