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Blogmas Day 21: Futurocks Mini Charger

I’m just throwing it out there but my goodness, iPhone batteries are so rubbish! I only upgraded in May and already I’m struggling to keep it from going below 10% more than twice a day. As a social butterfly and social media addict, I need to use my phone quite a lot when I’m out. Travelling, attending parties and events take their toll on my iPhone, whether it be from listening to music to tweeting about the evening. To ensure that I don’t get caught unaware, I have been kindly introduced to a local company, Futurocks, who not only sell amazing cases for your phone but portable chargers that restore your battery to its fullest.

Futurocks Mini Charger

The Futurocks Mini Charger is a steal at just £9.99 and comes in a range of 8 colours. I have the blue charger which is easy to spot in my ever full handbag. It charges using a USB cord so would work with any phone that comes with a USB lead. The lead isn’t provided so I have bought a spare one for my iPhone to keep in my handbag. In the Futurocks box is the mini power bank and the usb charging lead. The small port plugs into the end of the charger whilst the USB can be plugged into an existing USB charger plug or into your laptop. I have seen no noticeable difference from charging from the computer or the wall plug. I do like to give it a really hefty charge and I charge it in advance if I know I am going out. It doesn’t hold its charge for a massive length of time so if the charger has been in your bag for a few days, you may not get a full charge in your phone from it.

I usually get around a full charge and a half charge in my phone from a fully charged Futurocks Mini Charger. It really is a nifty little thing. It weighs next to nothing and takes up no space at all in my bag. The amount of times where it has really saved my bacon after a night out and saved me from trying to get home with 2% battery has been well worth the small price tag.

Available from Futurocks.

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