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The Beginners Guide To Getting Active

When the new year hits, it’s time to consider that spring and summer are once again creeping closer – bringing bare limb season with them. It’s never too early to prepare for warmer weather, especially when it means looking and feeling healthier too. If you’re a relative newbie to all things exercise, here are a few top tips for getting a little more active in the new year.

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Try a taster session
If you’re not sure what type of activity you want to take up, there’s no harm in trying out a few tester sessions. Begin by speaking to your local leisure centre, as you can often try one of their drop-in classes or do a one-day trial at the gym free of charge. This is a great way to figure out what you like before you commit to a gym membership or training package. If you feel nervous about your taster class, or have no idea what to expect, have a look online to see if there are any video clips of similar classes to get a sneak peek at what you’ll be doing.

Broaden your horizons
There are so many options out there that you don’t need to stick to running on a treadmill or lifting weights – especially if neither are really your thing. Try a hip hop class, belly dancing, hot yoga, pilates, spin class, aqua aerobics or a combination of them all. If you’d prefer to get active in the great outdoors, look out for a local bootcamp course, take up cycling or even have a go at rowing or canoeing. The options really are endless – you just need to find something that fits your personality and that you’ll enjoy enough to stick with.

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Invest in your active wear
Getting active means organising your workout wardrobe, starting with a good sports bra and working down towards dependable trainers. Women’s sportswear comes in all manner of shapes and styles, but if you really are a beginner you may not have the pieces necessary to help you work up a good sweat. Luckily the sportswear selection from TU has a huge selection of active-wear pieces, including jumpers, joggers, shorts, leggings and sports bras – the likes of which will have you feeling better about exercise before you’ve even started.

Make a schedule
Sticking with your new found activity can be difficult – especially if you’re not used to having exercise as part of your regular schedule. It’s a good idea to decide on a time of day you’re going to work out, whether in the morning, evening or even just a class once a week. Make it a priority by adding it into your calendar and ensuring you don’t make plans that overlap. Of course, if you’ve found a form of exercise you enjoy this won’t be as difficult.

Get a support system
Reaching your fitness goals will be a lot easier if you have a good support system working alongside you. Find friends who have the same goals in mind and who can exercise with you and keep you accountable. An easy way to do this is by joining a running club or going to a dance and aerobics class every week so you’ll meet the same regular people. Whatever you choose, there’s lots of ways you can make new exercise buddies and keep each other motivated.

There you go, a little beginner’s guide to getting active. Let me know how you get on in the comments below.

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