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Avoid These Small Business Serial Killers for Success

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If you are about to start a new business, there are some things you should avoid. Too many businesses fail because they are not aware of some of the pitfalls, and in fact, more than half the new startups in the UK will cease within the first 12 months. Running your own business can be much more satisfying and lucrative than working for someone else, which is why so many people are attempting to get a business off the ground.

Not Enough Focus

When you have an idea for a business you need to focus on that. There are so many other tasks that need to be dealt with, but spreading yourself to thin can put you on the road to disaster.  Make a list of everything that needs to be done, and prioritise the ones you know you can do the best. Seek some help for the other things, such as using freelancers, as you only pay them for the work that they actually complete. This will free up your time to do the jobs that really matter.

Being Afraid Of Change

As your business progresses, things will change and you have to be prepared to change with them. For instance, there could be signs it’s time to change your IT provider as the current ones are not proactive enough to assist with your company’s growth. It could be that although they were great to start with, they no longer represent value to your business.

You could need to look at the ways you deal with the content of your website, or your social media management. If you want to continue to be successful, these things will have to be changed to accommodate the increase in business.

Trying To Be Like All The Rest

It might seem like a good idea to emulate the business practices and products of the competition, but this is a big mistake. You need to make your brand stand out from the rest so that it is unique in some way. It is very simple really, why would someone buy from you when they have been buying from an established business already?

It could be that your customer services excels and is better than any of your competitors, or that your products are of a better quality. Whatever the difference is, it needs to be part of your marketing strategy so that consumers are aware they should change from their existing supplier to you.

Having No Drive

Starting your own business is not easy. You need to have drive and determination and be prepared to work hard for long hours, at least to get it off to a good start. A lack of any of these qualities will result in failure, and you probably should not even start a business. There are people that are better suited to working for someone else, and if you have no drive or determination, that could be you.

If you have an idea that you think could earn your living, do something about it or the idea will fade and the business will never start. Just be aware of some of the pitfalls to give your idea a better chance of turning into a successful business.

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