The Air Hostesses Guide to Soothing Sore Feet – Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

I cannot believe we are in September already. When I started my Air Hostesses Guides back in February, I was coming towards the end of my Winter time off and was itching to get back into my uniform whilst wearing my signature work face and hair. I didn’t think the Air Hostesses Guide would take off as much as it has so I will be doing my best to cover all bases including a frequently requested post on how to get your dream job. Today’s post is a follow on to last weeks Air Hostesses Guide on Summer Ready Legs and this is all about how I keep my feet in sandal ready condition using Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa .

I work long days. Long days where I am on my feet for the majority and then 11 hours after finishing work I do it all over again. Not only am I on my feet, but I am also wearing heels. I have two pairs of work shoes, one for outdoor and one for indoor. My indoor shoes are only worn in the cabin and have a heel of around an inch and a half. My outdoor shoes which are worn at all other times have a heel of around 3 inches. Suffice to say, my legs and feet throb by the time I have finished a standard day which is around 11- 14 hours long, not including travelling to and from work. I have two wonder products that help my poor feet out time after time.

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa (8)

The Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa, £29.99* is a must have product in my house. Mainly used on the day that I land back from long haul or on my last day of a block of flights, there is nothing better than a soothing spa massage in the comfort of my own living room. The lead to the foot spa is long enough to plug in across the other of my living room, whilst I get comfortable on my couch. Once I’ve filled with water to my desired temperature, I like to add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to help relax me. The power button can be switched on and off with your feet so there really is as little to do as possible. The textured base of the foot spa stimulates the feet and the addition attachments include a pumice stone and two further massage attachments which can be fitted to the centre of the foot spa. Although I put a towel down underneath the foot spa, the splash hood makes sure that spillage is minimal. All in all, a great treat for tired feet. The Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa also comes with a nine piece pedicure kit to keep toes in tip top condition.

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa

Scholl Feet Treat Foot Spa (9)

After spending time soaking my feet, I like to finish off my feet treat with one of my favourite products from The Buddha Beauty Company. The Soul Soother Cooling Peppermint Foot Cream has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time. The Buddha Beauty Company are a vegan and vegetarian friendly with all the products produced ethically and mostly by hand. The organic cream contains shea butter and peppermint oil which absorbs easily, and gives your feet a new lease of life. I like to give my feet a special overnight treatment by slathering on the cream, popping on a pair of cotton socks and leaving it overnight.

Soul Soother Cooling Peppermint Foot Cream - The Buddha Beauty Company

You can purchase Soul Soother Cooling Peppermint Foot Cream by The Buddha Beauty Company direct from the website, with a 200ml tub costing just £13.

So, there you have it. My perfect pair that helps get my feet from gross to gorgeous overnight. Combined with a pretty pedicure, your feet will never look better. Keep an eye out for the next Air Hostesses Guide and if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see, let me know in the comments box below.

  • Oh god that looks like sheer bliss I can imagine how sore your feet get and this must be a real treat xxxx

    • It makes my sausage toes go back to normal size haha xx

  • I can’t imagine standing up for that long, I get really bad leg pains if I’ve not been moving my legs or standing on them for too long! Love a good foot spa though 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • I do get chance to sit down every now and again, but I am mainly stood up. Ahh i love the times i get to put my feet up on in my foot spa xx

  • I’ve not used a foot spa for years but think my poor trotters need some love I regularly slather them in botanicals foot balm but thinking they need more.. I might invest well actually it’s a bargain isn’t it! Xx

    • Buy one, everyone needs trotter relief!xx

  • Rinica

    Ooh that foot spa looks super relaxing I’m all for anything like that it’s nice to have a spa treatment from the comfort of your own home certainly going to check this out. Truly do take my hat off to you I can barely wear heels for like an hour never mind on a long flight! 🙂 xx

    • Ah thanks Rinica, I must say that I’m totally used to it now though!xx

  • Girl, I don’t know how you do it! The only thing I can sort of relate it to is maybe when I was a waitress back in school (which I use to do during the summers to make some extra cash). Those were some long days on your friend, but at least I didn’t have to do it in heels! You deserve all the pampering you can get! And so glad you found products that work for you. On occasion, I use the Body Shop’s Peppermint Leg and Foot Gel, but I will look into this Buddha one! 🙂

    • I love the Body Shop one, I’ve not used it in ages. The Buddha company is my friends company, not sure if he ships worldwide but its worth an ask!xx

  • kpsays

    Even as a passenger on an aircraft, I have feet issues (swelling). I cannot even imagine when you spend as much time as you do in the air!!!!

    • I think thats why I am so fat haha!! I’m full of air ha xx

  • 11 to 14 hour shifts?! WOW that sounds long! I start to complain after 8 hours and I am sat on my bum for most of that in front of a computer. My feet hurt when I wear heels from time to time and I have never considered a foot spa before. Mainly because I would be worried about having water and electric together. Not sure I would sit still long enough for this to work. Looks fun though. xxx

    • I think once your feet are in it, and its bubbling away then you’ll love it!xx