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3 Grass Roots Ways to Make a Positive Impact on the World

A lot of people out there are very fixated on the notion of making the world a better place, and at first glance, this seems like a positive and noble ambition. The problems when you consider that the world is very complicated, and that’s often impossible to know what would be “best” for a given individual, let alone nation, from an objective perspective.

On top of this, many of those who seek to make positive change in the world do so from a strictly political ideological angle, and are likely to start thinking in broad, universal slogans, rather than to address things in a more holistic and grass-roots way.

Making positive change in the world is possible, of course, but you’re generally much better off thinking of things in terms of the small and local, rather than the big and global.

Here are some grassroots ways that you can start making some positive changes in the world.

Take up a career that you can be proud of

If you’re anything like the ordinary person out there in society, you can expect to spend a significant chunk of your life at work. This means that if your job is something you hate, and that makes you feel bitter and ashamed rather than proud and satisfied, you’re not likely to easily offset that with positive actions elsewhere.

By taking up a career that you can be proud of — something that leaves you with a real feeling of accomplishment, and a sense that you’ve done something meaningful — you can rest assured that you’re making positive contributions to the world on a regular basis, even if they’re small ones.

Doing a masters in school counseling online, for example, could be your opening to directly improving the lives of hundreds of school kids over the years.

Work on being the kind of person you would like and respect

People are affected most by the example you set, and not by the things you say, or even by the political actions you take. If you want to make some positive changes in the world, your first step should be to become the kind of person who you like and respect, so that others can follow your example.

If, on the other hand, you experience chronic self-loathing, you can reasonably expect that something about the way you’re living your life isn’t in alignment with your valued and with the kind of person you’d want to be.

“Liking” yourself more also isn’t just a matter of deciding that you’re perfect the way you are. It’s a commitment to growing into being a better person, and living a life more in line with your own values.

Focus on creating more and consuming less

There’s nothing wrong with “consuming”, whether that means food, entertainment, clothes, beauty products, or other consumer purchases.

There is a problem, however, with living a life which is solely dominated and determined by consumption. When you are just a consumer, you add little to the world. When you are a creator, on the other hand, you add lots.

Whether working on your blog, creating a new business, or volunteering your time, try to create a bit more and consume a bit less.

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