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I’ve been thinking about this post for so long. About how to put into words what I wanted to express and just what I wanted to get out of sharing my thoughts. Having a blog for the last 6 years or so has given me an opportunity to share my voice, my thoughts and my opinions. What started off as a humble beauty blog where I shared badly shot images of my somewhat smaller makeup collection has turned into something that I never expected it to do. I have developed a site that receives thousands of views. One that appears upon the first page of Google when you search for a product and one that gives me pure joy when I nurture it, developing it to become a part of me as I grow. Watching how Anoushka Loves has developed over the years has made me incredibly proud and whilst there have been many a time where I’ve almost thrown the towel in, I’ve persevered and kept at it, building this site and building my brand. Ultimately, Anoushka Loves is very much still a hobby and will not be a career for me so to see what I can achieve whilst working alongside makes me very happy.

Lily Lulu FashionQuilted Hooded Puffer Jacket

The future of Anoushka Loves has been quite a roller coaster of emotion. This last year has not been the easiest. The year before has also had a huge effect on me. It’s taken courage to be able to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings to the online world, and this has been met with understanding, compassion and empathy. The last two years have taken a huge toll on me, yet I’ve always been able to turn to my site to find peace and happiness by sharing the thoughts in my head, no matter how scary. Even those posts that have remained as drafts make me look back and congratulate myself on how far I have come as a person. I wouldn’t change this for the world.

Anoushka Loves has grown with me, and whilst I will always be known as a beauty blogger, I do want to expand my horizons and let my site age with me. That means sharing me. Not just the beauty, but the lifestyle, the fashion and the home. Things that are important to me and the things that drive me as a person.

Back when I started my blog, the blogging world was so different. Bloggers loved to share their Zoella inspired buys, the Boots 3 for 2 on Revlon products with the images taken on a camera phone on top of a floral duvet cover. The latest Barry M nail polishes were popular and brands like MAC were everywhere with the latest release being shouted from the rooftops. These days, I feel that the enjoyment has been replaced the need to show off. Show off with how successful you may feel you are, and the bragging of the brands that you are working with. The ‘exciting emails’ tweets that don’t come to fruition, and the god damn awful smugness, the ‘I’m better than you’ attitude and the arrogance of ‘look what I have been sent’. The ego will eventually be a downfall if it continues at this level. Influencers have already got a terrible name within the industry for their unscrupulous practices. Whilst I’m not an influencer by any stretch of the imagination, I still would like to maintain that level of respect for my readers and honesty and integrity that some are not taking on board in the quest to be a household name.

A revelation for 2019 and the way that I want to go. My blog is my baby, and it will continue to be my baby. It’s valuable and I want to make sure that it retains its value over other platforms. Whilst Instagram is the platform of the moment, it doesn’t even compare to the power of the written word and it’s longevity online. As always, I will only ever share products that suit me and my lifestyle. I’ve spent too long building up my reliability as an honest blogger to let my integrity be compromised just so I can share the latest product or service for the views. Products will always be tried and tested before sharing, and as always, my truthful opinion will be given. Declarations of advertorials, sponsorship and gifted items will be as transparent as possible as well as the use of affiliated links within posts.

Jumper and Skirt – Primark, Faux Suede Over The Knee Boots – Lily Luly Fashion

I want to bring the fun back to my blog. I want to share my loves and passions just like I wanted to back in 2013 when Anoushka Loves was born. I’m not here for the competitiveness, the urge for views and the unnecessary drama of those who think they are more successful as they have taken it full time. A hobby is just that. Not a career. I can’t live my life on social media, nor do I want to. But what I do want to do is continue to watch Anoushka Loves flourish.

Here’s to 2019, let’s hope that its a brilliant one!

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