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10 Totally Achievable Life Hacks to Adopt this Year

You don’t need to save the all-out, ‘New Year – New You’ philosophy for January, as there’s never a bad time to adopt some simple life hacks that are easy to stick to. I already try to keep fit and eat well, so it’s time to work on some other areas – you might want to try some too.

10 Totally Achievable Life Hacks to Adopt this Year

1. Have more phone downtime

As a blogger and Instagrammer I nearly always have a phone in my hand to capture my meals and life events, so it’s hard to switch off sometimes. After all, I can’t really follow the ‘no phones at mealtime’ rule. I’ve been reading about some other good ways to cut phone time though, one of which is to go phone-free after 9pm.

2. Get more sleep

This links in nicely to being able to switch off when it comes to bedtime. Getting a good night’s sleep is incredibly important to me and something that I plan on investing more time in over the coming months.

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3. Eat more

Self-improvements and life hacks aren’t usually about eating more of anything, but that just makes it all the more achievable. There are always so many new things I want to try and new places to eat, so it’s time to tick some off my list.

4. Take the stairs

I have a real passion for food so I have to balance that out with a bit of exercise, but strict regimes never last and you end up throwing the DVD or putting the ab-cruncher in the loft. So, I’m starting easy and taking the stairs whenever I can.

5. Enjoy more ‘friend dates’

Date nights are usually reserved for that special someone, but I’m planning on heading out on a few more dates this year with my closest friends. Next on the list is the Harry Potter Studio Tour, poking around the Gryffindor Common Room and finding out how they filmed the scenes at Hogwarts.

6. Make more food from scratch

So many foods taste better when you make them from scratch, it’s just about finding the time to do it. I’m going to start with one thing a week, like fresh pasta or a pie – and know that I’ll thank myself for it when I’m eating it.

10 Totally Achievable Life Hacks to Adopt this Year

7. Save money

I’m going to make a budget spreadsheet so I can save a bit more for a couple of treats here and there. I might not stick to it completely, but at least it’s a start! Making food from scratch is bound to help save the pennies too.

8. Have a clear out

De-cluttering is so satisfying that I find this one really easy, and anything half-decent will go to a good cause at the charity shop. The problem might be when it comes to the kitchen. I totally need every tin, utensil and gadget I have – honest!

9. Read more

I always seem to have an excuse for not picking up a good book, which is something that I’m desperate to change. Getting really lost in a fiction book is so cathartic; I can spend that new phone-free time to do it.

10. Learn a new skill

I haven’t decided what new skills to learn yet, but taking up a new hobby the perfect way to broaden your horizons. I might take up self-defence classes or go to more art galleries and learn about new and emerging artists.

What achievable life hacks would you recommend?

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