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Winter Warmers – Everything You Need To Make Your Home Look And Feel Warm This Winter

Winter can be a bit like Marmite – you either love or you hate the season. If you appreciate a cosy knit and nights in front of the fire, then it’s likely that you’re a part of the winter appreciation society. If not, you’ll just be looking for a way to make it through the season to get to spring.

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Whichever camp you fall into, a warm home is a must in winter. Transform your home with these tips on making your home look and feel warm this winter.

Say goodbye to draughts

Let’s start with the practical elements. Heating your home is important throughout the colder season, but your heating efforts can go to waste if there are draughts in your home. Take some time to inspect every door and window in your home to make sure there’s no pesky draught coming in. Draught-proofing your home can help make sure that as much heat stays in as possible, helping you keep your home warm while also saving money on your heating bills.

Inspect your radiators

This past summer was a particularly warm and long one, meaning you probably haven’t looked at your radiators since the ‘Beast from the East’ was in town. Now would be a good time to test the radiators in all of your rooms to make sure everything is working as it should.

Radiators can often be an unsightly feature in your home, usually a more practical element than decorative. However, there’s a shift in how people approach their radiators. Radiator covers are becoming more and more popular (thanks, Mrs Hinch!), as a way to cover them up and add some more storage solutions to your home. Meanwhile, column-style radiators are a modern way to turn your radiators into a design feature – check them out on Your radiators don’t have to be an eyesore – there’s a lot you can do to bring them into your home decor.

Use warmer colours to transform your home

If you’ve been chasing the look and feel of a large, modern looking home – odds are that it looks rather cold. Bright white walls are beautiful and on-trend, but they can make your home feel cool and uninviting. There’s an easy way to fix this – bring some warmer colours in!

Winter decor offers a huge choice for your home, and you can thank hygge for the various throws, cushions, rugs, etc., you’ll find in your local Primark or H&M at the moment. Bringing in some home accessories in warmer shades like charcoal, red and purple, can help your decor look warmer and more season-appropriate. They’ll complement your white walls well, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend much to get the look.

Gold home accessories are also a good way to add a touch of warmth to your home. From trays and vases to end tables – you’ll find that gold accessories are very on trend at the moment. Oliver Bonas is a great place to find affordable and luxurious home accessories, and you can pick up some great seasonal items to help transform your home.

Get ready for nights in front of the fire

When you think of a cosy winter night in, it’s likely that a fireplace comes to mind. Is there nothing more relaxing than spending the evening chilling in front of the fire with a glass of wine and a good film on the telly?

Your fireplace can be a key decorative feature in your living room, a great place to relax and unwind. If you’re not blessed with a fireplace, why not fake it? There are some great ways to create a faux fireplace that you can use to generate light and warmth and make your living room that little bit cosier. All that’s missing is a toasty pair of slippers and a fluffy dressing gown!

Textiles can make a big difference

When it comes to making a home look and feel warmer, textiles are a must. From fluffy cushions to knitted throws, it’s worth investing in some great textiles to help you prepare for the winter months.

Putting a blanket over your feet instead of switching on the heating will not only save you money, but it’s better for the environment. The right textiles can really work their magic to keep your home warm, so keep an eye out for some lovely winter warmers in the shops. A thick pair of curtains is also a great investment in winter, so you might want to swap out yours to help you keep your home warmer – especially your bedrooms and living room.

Opt for a warmer lighting scheme

Some warmer lighting could be just what you need to make your home feel extra warm during the winter. There are different ways to use warm lighting, but in the winter it’s a great way to make a room feel cosy, and helps you relax.

The good news is that you don’t have to go round changing all of the light bulbs to make sure they’re on the warm scale. A lamp or some fairy lights can help to set the mood without you having to go overboard. Candles are also an easy way to create a warm lighting scheme, and if you choose some winter-themed scents you’ll add to the atmosphere even more.

A smart home lighting system can be a great investment for your home, allowing you to switch between cool and warm lighting easily. They might seem expensive at the beginning, but they can be an easy and practical way to control your home’s lighting, and could help you save on your electricity bills too.

Getting your home ready for winter can be a good time to change up your decor and focus on making your home a warmer and cosier place to be. Little changes can have a big impact and make your home a toasty place to be throughout the colder months. How will you transform your home this winter?

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