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Surprise Space: Decor With A Hidden Feature*

In this day and age every homeowner is looking to find and create as much extra space in their homes as possible. It’s the normal thing to do these days because space is becoming more and more precious. In fact if a decor piece is not performing well in a room stylishly, their one saving grace would be the fact that they’re able to provide some extra space. Whether it be a drawer that is sleek from the outside but has lots of extra storage space inside, a cabinet that has secret compartments or just coffee table that can prove useful for a busy family, decor pieces that have capabilities that go beyond just looking good are the most desired. The character of a piece increases when they enter this realm, and they’re more likely to stay with you in your life for longer. The function in itself makes such decor very stylish especially in the contemporary apartment era.

The unveiling Octopus

Having guests over for tea and coffee is still very much a tradition that is alive and well. It’s vital that if you wish to take this seriously, you have the best decor to match your intentions. Yet, you still have a noisy and busy family, most notably you have kids that play in the living room. A coffee table with multiple storage spaces is therefore very attractive as you can clear the room up quicker and make the room transition seamlessly. Also, you would like these storage spaces to not be visible so the table itself can remain sleek and it’s secret space hidden until only when it’s needed.

The lift top style of coffee table is perhaps the best option then as it uses the maximum amount of internal storage space available. You can lift the single sheet of the table itself and underneath you can store books, toys, candles and pretty much anything that you want within reason. This kind of design is sure to impress your guests as from the outside at first glance, the table look average but shaped to a contemporary standard. The color itself can be a typical hardwood beige hue, or you can choose a subtle purple that blends well with rooms that have a lot of neutral whites.

Contemporary chic function

Perhaps the room where we crave more space is the bathroom. The majority of homes don’t usually have large bathroom so it’s vital for us to try to make ours as minimalist as possible. It’s little wonder then that one of the most desired decor pieces it a vanity unit. It looks like a drawer but it’s actually got a double function. Chic and sleek, it can still melt the bathroom sink and at least two drawer into it’s design. This means that it can be fitted to the wall itself, lead the water pipes into it and out, and still provide enough room to harbor all your toiletries.

For a prime example of such a fitting, look at the vanity units on Drench. Specifically, you may want to look at the Harbour Clarity vanity unit and basin. With a polymarble basin for a fullness in the feel and how it reflects light, the basin is in a pearl white. The rest of the unit is in a dark walnut color, finished in a strong chestnut tone. The unit frees up floor space as it is designed to be mounted to the wall. The manufacturer provides a lifetime guarantee to put the icing on the cake.

A helpful friend

Coming home from a long day at work, a footstool really takes the load off. Quite literally in fact, the footstool can be a charming piece of decor that helps us to relax and bear the weight of our tired soles. However, it can also be a helpful friend when it comes to storage. Split in half, a footstool can be opened up like a seashell to give you a decent amount of room to store anything you would like. The design of the footstool means that the upper half might be hollow or curved upward so as to not crush whatever you put inside. It’s going to be a strong decor piece because of this and therefore the design sought after should be well-padded and able to withstand pressure.

Whenever you can unveil hidden storage space inside of a prominent and stylish decor piece, the level of sophistication your home exudes rises. A coffee table isn’t just for show, it can be a helpful part of a modern busy family and still look chic. The same goes for your bathroom. By fitting a vanity unit to the wall, you incorporate a stylish decor piece along with a basin that actually works like normal.

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