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New Year, New Home?

The 26th of January will always be a date that I remember. It was the day that I got the keys to my own home. The home that I have been in for the last decade. The house that was once a shell, with nothing on the floor or walls and that has slowly been developed into a warm and cosy home. There is so much that I want to do to my little sanctuary going forward but it just seems like life has been on fast forward and I’m no further on than I was five years ago. This year is going to be the year where I really need to start my home renovations and tackle those jobs that I have been putting off. I say jobs like they’re just odd jobs but the reality is so much more. New doors, new skirting boards and ripping out the majority of my kitchen needs replacing. It’s going to be hard work.

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I first of all want to finish off my bathroom. Whilst I managed to get the majority of it done when I decorated it, I’ve still been searching for the perfect flooring, a suitable blind and additional storage. It’s things like this that can be so easily done but I just live with it. The bathroom itself still looks as fresh as it did when I decorated it except for the tiles which have yellowed in the sunlight. It may be time to replace the tiles going forward which is something that is so out of my skill set, I would be hard pushed to want to do it myself! A new floor, shelving, a new mirror and a window blind will get me in the right direction.

I’ve been looking online for a bit of help with my makeover needs and I think I’ve found a one stop shop that has everything I need to undertake some huge projects in my home. My tiny little toolbox won’t know whats hit it when I start ordering tools from C &W Berry! I feel like now that I can get my head around how easy and accessible things are to buy, I can conquer my ever growing list of projects.

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the bathroom project

Another project that I want to complete is my bedroom. Currently, everything is showing wear and tear and it needs a good refresh. As much as I love my bright pink wallpaper, I feel that I need an update. Something more sophisticated, muted and in keeping with the plans I have for the rest of my room. Keeping the grey tones, I want to keep it light and airy with a pop of colour. The black furniture is being replaced with white furniture and I want to create a sanctuary of peace using different tones, textures and lighting. I am so happy with what I achieved with my spare room so I want to focus more on my own room next.

Then it brings me to my living room. The biggest space that I really don’t know which way to turn to. It’s so large that I feel a dark statement wall will be perfect for it, using mirrors and the large window to bounce the light. I’m not in a position to change my larger items such as my sofa and the existing furniture so working around them will be a challenge. I do think that once I’ve updated the doors and re-glossed the woodwork, it will make it look so much more refreshed and then I can decide on how I tackle the statement wall.

Let’s hope that I can get all the jobs on my list completed and have that beautiful home that I dream of!

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