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Is Your Home Healthy? Here’s How to Check

Our homes are meant to be our sanctuaries; it’s where we rest out after a long day and hide away when we need some peace and quiet. Yet, many people all over the country live in homes that are far from safe and healthy – and many of them won’t even know about it.

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Here is a handful of ways to ensure that your home is taking proper care of you and not slowly falling apart or causing allergies. If you suspect that your home might have any of these issues, it’s always better to call up a professional to take care of it for you, by the way, to ensure that no issues are left behind.

That way, you can get back to feeling safe and comfortable while relaxing at home without having to worry about these common house problems.

First: Is it too humid?

The UK is a rather humid place and your home could easily suffer because of it. While one of the most common tips to get rid of humidity inside is to simply open to window and air it all out, it’s not really that easy when the outside world is just as humid – and you’re probably left wondering what to do next.

The first thing you should try to figure out is, of course, if it actually has a humidity issue. The growth of mould and mildew should be more than enough proof but you can also notice earlier signs by checking for condensation on your windows.

Get ahold of a dehumidifier to keep at home and try to find one with a UV light as well in case you’ve been having a mould problem. Getting rid of the mould is one thing but you also need to keep it at bay and get to the root of the problem.

Next: Any unwanted visitors?

Pest problems tend to show their true colours when the weather gets warmer – but you could notice them during this time of the year as well. The most obvious signs of pests in your home are, of course, the sight of actual pests – but you might be able to spot other signs as well.

Droppings on the floor, for example, sounds of scratching and other noises, as well as a rather musty smell and even bite marks of your wiring means that it’s time to call up the pest control in your area. The sooner you get them out, the less damage they have time to do to your house so don’t ignore these signs.

Remember to ask the pest control professional about where and how the little creatures might have been able to enter your house, by the way, in case it’s not immediately obvious to you. In order to prevent them from moving in again, you need to seal off these entrances and make sure that they stay far away from your home.
While these are the most common house issues, there are a ton of other problems you might experience as well such as faulty wiring and water damage in your house. Take care of this, first of all, and remember to read up on the other ones too so that you can enjoy your home for as long as possible.

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