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7 ingenious uses for footstools with hidden storage

An often-overlooked piece of furniture is the humble footstool. It’s certainly not what most people think about first when they’re making their furniture purchases, but nonetheless, it’s a very useful piece, especially when it contains hidden storage. Here are a few ideas for how to make use of a footstool with added storage.

End of a bed storage
A blanket box at the end of your bed is the perfect spot to store spare bedsheets, your winter or summer duvet, chunky jumpers and even your shoes. It doubles as a seat and a stylish addition to every bedroom. For children’s rooms, it can be used as a toy box or a nifty hide and seek spot.

Home Decor - Storage Solutions

Coffee table
Footstools make the perfect accompaniment to your living room sofa. A footstool with hidden storage can easily double as a chic coffee table, especially if you place a beautiful brass, marble or glass tray on top as a safe surface to rest hot drinks, books and vases of flowers. Arlo & Jacob have a stunning range of footstools that would make excellent coffee tables.

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Linen and bedding storage
Bulky bedding, towels and spare linen is always tricky to store, especially if you don’t have a linen cupboard. A storage footstool is a great choice to hide away duvets and other linen from sight while keeping it on-hand for when it’s needed. If you have a guest room, use a storage footstool to store the extra bed linen, or place in front of your sofa bed for easy access when your guests are tired and ready to hit the hay.

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Ok, so it’s technically not a “footstool”, but a bed-in-the-box is a really nifty piece of furniture. Not only does it turn any room into a spare guest room, but it’s also an extra seat, footrest, or coffee table. Whether you use it in your kid’s room, home office or living room, an extra bed is always good to have on hand, and while it’s not in use as a bed, it’s still just as useful as a seat, footrest and table.

Home Decor - Storage Solutions

Pet bed
If you’re a proud pet owner, then a stylish footstool can make a great perch for your pet. You probably want to opt for leather, wood or highly resilient fabric that doesn’t attract fur and dirt. Place it almost anywhere your pet likes to rest and use a fabric brush to keep it fur-free. This version from is as cute as it is stylish.

Home Decor - Storage Solutions

Turn your sofa into a chaise
With the increase in smaller living quarters and the overflowing capital, it’s no surprise that furniture companies have cottoned on to the concept of extending your sofa as and when you might need to, depending on whether you’re having guests over, or perhaps your family is getting bigger? This seems to have led to a rise in modular and multiway sofas, with footstool modules that allow you to turn your sofa into a chaise, or simply to extend the seating space.

Vanity stool
A tall footstool is a great choice for an additional seating solution in a bedroom, especially at a vanity unit. Store your hair products, hairdryer and brushes in the unit, to keep the surfaces clutter free and pick a stylish fabric to turn your little dressing area into a beautiful and elegant-style boudoir.

Home Decor - Storage Solutions

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