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Forgotten Health Risks Of DIY Home Decor Improvement

There’s something exciting about DIY projects; they tap into the creative part of the brain and ultimately make you feel a lot happier and relaxed – that is if everything goes according to plan. Whether you’re doodling aimlessly on a piece of paper or sewing a beautiful handmade dress – Tilly and the buttons is a good address if you’re looking for easy patterns – everybody enjoys a little bit of craft on the side. And even more, if you’re a homeowner. Indeed, home improvements may not be on top of a homeowner’s list of favourite activities, but they are necessary. DIY is, by far, the preferred approach for one important reason: it’s cheap! But as much as you might be a DIY enthusiast, you need to remember that there’s a reason why home decor improvements should be the job of experts. They can put your health at risk.

Don’t let DIY stress you out

DIY ruins your hands for weeks!

Whether you’re painting a wall or tiling your bathroom, your hands will be exposed to a variety of chemical products. Even if you decide to invest in a pair of plastic gloves, you can bet that your skin will still get in contact with some chemicals – firstly because plastic gloves are not healthy for your skin in the first place and secondly because they tear easily. In short, your nails and skin are likely to get damaged in the process. Even with effective care treatment, you’ll need a while to be proud of your hands again.

No, you can’t lift that without hurting your back

There’s nothing like new furniture to transform the decor in a room dramatically. Oak tables, especially, can turn your dull living room into a splendid entertainment area. There’s only one problem; its weigh. Wooden furniture can be heavy, and it’s not the kind of things you want to transport on your own. You’d be better off looking for a man and van service than trying to make do with your own car. You could not only injure yourself but also damage your new piece of furniture in the process!

Argh, this is so stressful!

How can people enjoy changing decor when it is so stressful?! Stressful experience with home decor comes down to three main factors. Number #1, you’re trying to pack too much in little time. Strategise your interior so that you can get it done right from the start. Number #2, you spend too much time questioning and not enough living in the room. Finally, the last bad habit: you don’t have a style guide.

The hazards of making the home pretty

Every year, 200,000 Brits have serious DIY accidents. We’re not just talking about the accidental bump. These people need hospital treatment because of knives, scalpels, screwdrivers, ladder, etc. When you’re not a professional, you don’t have the right tools for the job, and you end up taking risks to hang a frame, paint the ceiling, or hammer planks of wood together.

DIY tools

Making the home pretty is a crafter’s dream. But it comes as a high cost for the amateur DIY-er, from damaged skin to hospital stay. Next time you are feeling in a crafty mood, remember to be careful.

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