Blogmas 2015 Day 6: Cosy Bedding with Yorkshire Linen

Being away from home so often means that I want my house to feel like a sanctuary when I get home. After years of staying in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world, it has started a precedent in that I want a bedroom that not only resembles a boutique hotel but one that makes me want to climb into bed and stay there. Over the last few years, I have been working on my bedroom décor to create a space that is not only inviting but homely – with a twist. From soft furnishings to opulent colours and a variety of textures, I have finally got my bedroom to how I want it and I couldn’t think of a better post for today, especially after I have just returned home from the Caribbean to the freezing cold weather of Manchester and dived straight into my bed. Winter is all about being cosy and warm so whilst I’m snuggled up in my fleecy pyjamas, wrapped up in my waffle throw and writing this post, I thought I would write about my winter home comforts and the cosy bedding from Yorkshire Linen that I’m tucked up in.

My inspiration for my bedroom has come from hotel rooms, and I think I have managed to create a warm and inviting space that is not only for sleeping but for spending time in. I love nothing more than curling up on my bed and watching a film with Thomas, before slipping under the duvet for a good night’s sleep. I’ve been trying to replicate the comfort of hotels by treating myself to a thick mattress, a heavy tog duvet and soft bedding. I invested in a decent mattress around three years ago and it has been one of my best purchases to date. Memory foam topped, deep and comfortable, it has not only made sure that my back problems have been alleviated but I get a good night sleep, every night. I also invested in a great duvet and bought a 13.5 tog duck feather and goose down duvet from Marks and Spencer. Although it might feel a bit warm in the summer, the feather filled duvet regulates my temperature and keeps me warm but without getting over heated in the night. Of course, in the winter, it is an absolute godsend and I can be often found making excuses why I shouldn’t be getting out of bed as it’s just too nice under the covers. Memory foam top pillows and box wall pillows make sure my head is propped up enough for me to sleep comfortably as well as have something to lean against for those times that I am just relaxing in my room.

Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen

Yorkshire Linen

In most hotels that I stay in, the bedding is the most luxurious high thread count cotton sheets, in a bright white. It’s safe to say that I have had a definite influence from this and I have only been using white bedding for the last few years. I love white bedding as it’s crisp and inviting and looks sleek and sophisticated. My latest set from Yorkshire Linen is the Warwick 200 count, Hotel inspired set that comes with two pillowcases. I was really impressed with the quality from the moment that I opened the packet that it came in. The stripes are discreet but stylish and feel almost like satin. The proof of a good duvet set to me is bedding that doesn’t make you feel all hot and sweaty but keeps the temperature steady. I also want to feel nice soft cotton against my skin without it being scratchy and harsh. There’s nothing better than getting into clean bedding and I’m really pleased with just how well that the Yorkshire Linen set washes. I’m not the kind of girl who irons their bedding, I mean who has time for that? So, I’m really pleased to say that after washing and tumble drying my set, it smoothes out on the bed without the need for an iron.

With the cold weather upon us, I need that extra warmth, especially when getting home after an inbound long haul flight. I don’t think I could possibly explain just cold I am when I get home from work, and even in the summer you’ll find me in bed with thermal bed socks and a throw up to my chin just to keep warm. Although the aircraft is warm, the minus 55 degree outsode temperature penetrates me to my bones and it takes me an age to warm back up. Combined with being tired from working through the night, it’s a must for comfort! I decided that a Cotton waffle throw in Slate would look great with my bedroom colour scheme, and aside from being used for decoration when my bed is made, it’s also great for wrapping up in and for an extra layer of warmth when I need it. I love waffle textured fabrics as I think they look really cosy and welcoming and when it’s not being used by myself, I quite often find the cat curled up on the bottom of the bed, snoring away on it.

I’m so happy with the little haven I have made out of my bedroom and I’m really impressed with the products that I have found at Yorkshire Linen. In fact, I really looking forward to updating my bedroom for the Spring season.

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  • I’ve been up since 3am (thanks to work) today and your bed looks so comfortable that I want to go sleep in, and honestly I think I need a duck/goose feather duvet now!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Kate

    There’s nothing nicer than a beautiful, luxurious bedroom to come home too. Yours is gorgeous! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Corinne C

    Your room is lovely. That wallpaper – new blog back ground haha! I love new bedding!

    Corinne x

  • Can I come live in your bedroom? It looks like the perfect space! I love how you’ve took the time creating this space and picking up the luxuries along the way, it makes it all seem so much more doable! I do think my next investment should be a really great quality quilt. Ours is OK but it’s nothing special and could certainly do with being a bit thicker!

    I love white bedding. I never used to but Mr convinced me to buy a set last year and it has fast become my favourite bedding to have on the bed! It just looks so clean, fresh and inviting!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Oh wow your bedroom! So glam and so YOU! I can’t wait to move and get my own place so I can really put effort into my bedroom. At the moment I only ever sleep in there so I don’t spend any time making it special – actually, it’s normally a tip!