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An Easy Facade Lift For Your Home

I bet you put plenty of time and attention into the way that the inside of your home looks, but do you give the outside as much love? Probably not, but this is a big mistake, because not only is what everyone sees first when they visit you, but it’s also crucial for the face, or facade of your home to look good too if when it comes to selling it on. Therefore check out my tips below on how to give your house an easy facade lift!


Eyes, I mean windows!

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but when it comes to home facades the windows are like the eyes! What I am saying here is that they are prominent features that everyone will notice, and that means investing in high-quality windows and frames and keeping them looking their best is essential.

Of course, keeping windows clean isn’t most people favourite jobs, but you can get some great tip on how to do this in the video below. Oh, and don’t forget that you can invest in some dandy gadgets like window vacs to make this tasks a lot quicker and easier too. Something that should help you keep your home’s ‘eyes’ sparkling!  Just don’t end up falling off the ladder while your cleaning them!

Nose (The door )

If the windows are the eyes of your homes face, then surely the nose in the front door? What this means is that the door you choose will be the central feature to the front of your home, and as such will need to be picked with care.

In particular, be sure to choose a door that fits in with their period styling of your home such as the wooden doors that are now on the market. The advantages of these being that while they look old-fashioned and stylish, they have very modern security features that will help keep you and your family safe as well.  

Skin (Walls)

We have covered the eyes, nose, so skin has got to be the walls, right? Of course, it’s no good having the best windows and doors if the walls are flaking, dirty, or generally in poor condition.

If you are lucky, this means nothing more complicated than a power wash or a new coast of paint. However, for some homeowners, it will involve investing a bit more time and effort into things such as removing stone cladding or even having the brickwork repointed.

Hair? (Roof)

OK, the metaphor is getting a little strained at the point, but it doesn’t mean that attending to the condition and look of your roof is not a valid point!

In particular, watch out for aging or missing tiles, or where they have worn away and are causing rainwater to leak down the side of your home. This is because it can create nasty slimy marks that will ruin the facade of your house, and much the same can happen if you have blocked drain pipes as well. Therefore, be sure to fix any issue like this if you want your home’s facade to look it’s very best!

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