Guest Post – Surprising Summer Beauty Finds by Jen from English Rose From Manchester

Hi I’m Jen and I blog over at English Rose From Manchester – my lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. I like to write about my latest beauty finds and get pretty excited when I find something new that I actually love, especially when the price is great too. So for this guest post I thought I’d share some of the new products that surprised me this summer by being much better than I ever expected!

Limited Collection Matte Lipstick

I was so surprised at the staying power of this vibrant tomato lipstick from M&S. I’ve never tried any of their makeup before so it was a bit of a risk, but one that paid off as I love the colour and matte finish, as well as how heavily pigmented it is. This is my winning summer lipstick and it was only £6!

English Rose From Manchester

Zara White Perfume

Again, another fashion store that has branched out into beauty (in this case, fragrance), Zara is not somewhere I would ever think of shopping for perfume. But I saw this Zara White perfume when I was in Barcelona and couldn’t resist the bargain price of 6 Euros. It’s a pretty scent and comes in a great handbag sized bottle, so is the perfect daytime perfume for taking out and about. I’d definitely recommend checking out the in-store fragrance range at Zara as it’s not available on the UK website, but the prices are too good to ignore.

English Rose From Manchester

Lucy Bee’s Coconut Oil

I’ve blogged about coconut oil so much as it’s my top beauty product at the moment. It has so
many applications and it’s become a beauty essential of mine this summer. I use it as a daily body moisturiser as it leaves the skin unbelievably soft, and also as a healthy shine hair mask. It can be quite messy to use, as although it’s solid oil in the jar it melts onto skin straight away, but it’s really worth it!

English Rose From Manchester

Essie First Base

I’m ashamed to say I’ve only recently discovered how amazing a base coat can be. I always thought, how different can it be to a plain old clear varnish? Turns out – very! When I noticed my nail beds were getting quite stained by the vibrant nail polish colours I was using I decided to try this base coat to protect them. But it does so much more! Thanks to the tacky formula my coloured nail polish has something to bond to so now it lasts at least a week! No more shabby mid-week nails! I’m amazed at how happy I am with this little investment.

English Rose From Manchester

Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo

I never thought I’d find a dry shampoo that I preferred to the old faithful Batiste – but then I
discovered No Drought, which is a fine powder rather than an aerosol spray. It’s even better than Batiste for absorbing any oiliness, and thanks to its fresh scent (that’s right, no more obvious “dry shampoo” smell) it really does refresh my hair. It’s £3.75 for a bottle and is going to last me ages.

English Rose From Manchester

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  • PLT Lucy (@Lucy_Stan)

    How did I not know that M&S did makeup! So behind the curve xx

    • M&S makeup is fab. I love the Limited Collection stuff and Autograph is just beaut 🙂

  • Might have to try the lush dry shampoo

  • I’d love to try the raw coconut oil, hopefully it could make my hair shiny too. thanks for sharing!


  • I didn’t even know Zara did perfume & M&S make up is sooo good, I have barely shopped for it actually which is a shame, and I still need to jump on the coconut oil bandwagon, the effects sound awesome xxx

    • I need to get onto the coconut oil too, its raved about so often!xx

  • This reminded me that I need to re-purchase some coconut oil! Great picks, oh how I miss Lush. 🙂

  • kpsays

    The lipstick is gorgeous! I wish we could get it in the US! I also prefer dry shampoo in powder form. Not as “easy” as an aerosol, but gives better results.

    • I find an aerosol dry shampoo is better applied the night before you think you’ll need it, and it absorbs any grease during your sleep!xx