Victoria Beckham at Selfridges Exchange Square

Wednesday evening marked a very special event in the Selfridges calender, an evening with Victoria Beckham as she introduced her pre-SS15 collection of Victoria Beckham, VVB and Victoria Beckham Accessories. Not only was Victoria showing her collection to a very small group of loyal VB clients, she also spent time in the store and allowed the public to take selfies with herself. From the videos that I have seen, it was a crazy affair and although I’m sad that I couldn’t have been there, I really wouldn’t have wanted to get caught up in that frenzy.

Victoria Beckham, Selfridges Manchester

Victoria has recently opened her first store in London and the stand alone boutique has been met with huge acclaim. It has been noted how hands on Victoria is in her boutique and how she spends time with her customers, developing an understanding of the business and customers needs. With her designs becoming a go to for that sleek and sophisticated look that is polished and feminine, Victoria Beckham’s eponymous label is becoming well established in the fashion world. Although the prices are a little out of my league, I can’t help but swoon over the impeccable lines and beautifully cut dresses and long for a leather bag that just screams luxury.

The private presentation held in Selfridges was attended by around 70 guests where Victoria was joined by Vogue’s Fashion Features Director, Sarah Harris, to discuss the new season’s direction. Jane Sharrocks, General Manager of Selfridges Exchange Square said “We are more than thrilled to be welcoming Victoria to our Manchester Exchange Store. Victoria Beckham is one of the most coveted labels we carry, and Victoria, as one of our shoppers’ best loved fashion personalities, has developed an incredibly loyal customer base since launching her label at Selfridges six years ago. We have been working closely with the team to make sure our Victoria Beckham edit and environment are just right, and are excited that she will be with us to present the collection personally.”

Victoria Beckham, Selfridges Manchester

Selfridges and Selfridges.Com carries the following Victoria Beckham lines: Victoria Beckham RTW and Accessories, Victoria Victoria Beckham and Victoria Beckham Denim. In the SS15 collection, Victoria will be debuting her new shoe collection. Shop the collection here.

  • Very cool. Victoria Beckham has blossomed over time. I’d love to check this out in person. :] // ▲ ▲

    • She has become such an icon 🙂

  • Victoria looks bloody gorgeous! She was never once my favourite Spice Girl, but she has really come into her own now she’s doing something she’s so passionate about! I love how she personally goes to her openings and mans her London store – if I had the money, I’d love to go there and see if she was in! Wouldn’t dare go without the intention of buying anything though haha 🙂

    • I have really changed my opinion of her and I now think she is fab. I wonder if she sells anything for £5 haha xx

  • She’s done so well for herself and I love all of her designs! It doesn’t surprise me that she is so hands-on with her business but I wouldn’t be able to afford any of her collection! Ah well, looks pretty! xx

    • There’s some lovely outfits isn’t there xx

  • Oh gosh isn’t she just incredible, I love the outfit shes wearing xx

    • She looks fab. I need to take style tips from her!xx

  • MJ

    On a different note, I’m liking her more glowy look from this event, her signature look is always more matte.
    I’m going to have to tell her how I feel about highlighters haha ^_^


    • She needs to know how to highlight the MJ way!xx