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Office Outfit Inspiration for Next Season

I can’t believe that I have been working in an office based environment for eight months now. The girl who once stated that the 9-5 wasn’t for her, and that not having a uniform was a bad idea, has well and truly been converted. Any excuse to continue expanding my wardrobe, I have been fully immersing myself into the world of office outfits. My place of work is very chilled out, and I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid if I turned up in pyjamas and a pair of Crocs to be honest. Although it is a relaxed dress code, I much prefer to have a more formal personal dress code with my dress down days on a Friday. It helps control my wardrobe, gives me more scope to play around with combinations and means that I still know what to wear at weekends, as I don’t wear the same things for work. With Spring/Summer just around the corner, I have been adding some new pieces to my work wardrobe which I can’t wait to wear.

Office Outfit Inspiration for Next Season

Office Outfit Inspiration for Next Season

This season is all about statements. Whether that be in your accessories, your shoes or your clothing, I’m looking for pieces that have that little something extra. Two key pieces that I have chosen for spring/summer are the culotte, and the ankle tie trousers. I am so into the culotte trend for two reasons – a wide leg is so flattering, whilst the cropped hemline highlights the slimmest part of my leg. With the tie ankle trend, the trousers are a slim fit, cigarette style leg whilst the bow sits just on the ankle.

Winter office wear has been all about boots and tights, whilst Spring/Summer is going to be season of ballet flats. It’s been just over a year since I’ve worn heels now, and whilst old me would be cursing, new me has embraced the flat and I have gone all out. I have got some of the most gorgeous shoes ready for the season including the Valentino dupes and my Unicorn shoes which I am dying to wear.

Accessories are the one item that really makes an outfit, whatever the occasion. For spring and summer, I want to reduce the load that I am carrying and go back to small bags, where I can fit the essentials and not the kitchen sink. In my usual nude colour palette, I have a blush and dove grey satchel style bag, my gorge Ted Baker camera bag and my personalised Cambridge satchel. This of course is subject to change, because I cannot simply stick to just three bags over a season, so there may be many more!

Office Outfit Inspiration for Next Season

A classic watch is not only essential office wear, but essential wear for me. I’m currently wearing a petite rose gold watch but if we are talking statement pieces, can you imagine being able to add a £24000 Rolex into the look? I’m becoming a bit of a watch connoisseur and I have mentioned this several times before, but I would love nothing more than a classic luxury watch that can grow old with me and can be passed down to my family. Of course having a £24000 watch is massively out of the question, however Chrono Expert have some beautiful pre owned watches. I’ve spotted a Chopard watch that is just my style which comes in at just under £3000. Although I don’t have £3000 spare in my bank right this moment, it suddenly doesn’t seem like having a luxury watch is an unattainable dream. As many are pre owned, it makes them a lot cheaper than buying brand new which helps when keeping to a budget.

I think that I’m pretty set for the upcoming season with my fashion and accessories, and although I won’t stop spending, I am quite happy with the pieces that I have chosen. All I need to do now is to get a new pair of Converse for dress down day and I will be happy.

How do you define work wear, and what key pieces will you be looking for?

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