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Recently Discovered! Fairtrade Lingerie Brands

In this generation of fast fashion and instant gratification of having the world at our fingertips, it really does stop and make me think about the planet and how conscious I’m being of my surroundings. Although I may not think that I am doing much to help, I’m taking small steps to be more ethical when it comes to consumerism. Sustainable living is so important. Not only do we want our children, and children’s children to have the resources that we do, but we want to surround ourselves with products that make us feel good. Whether it’s an organic, natural beauty product, or a dress made from 100% certified cotton, our well being thrives off the choices we make, we eat and we wear. One of the more conscious decisions I have made is to start wearing more ethical clothing brands and to try and swap my fast fashion for a slower, longer lasting items.



Finding Fairtrade and ethical brands is no longer a difficult task thanks to Atlist the online shopping friend that helps you save your ethically sourced products all in one place. Think Pinterest but with a view to shop, to curate a wishlist that you can mark off when purchased. It’s becoming quite the daily visit for me, especially now that the small world of ethical clothing is suddenly increasing and I’m being opened up to more brands than I ever expected.

As a curator of Atlist, I have been spending time searching the web, so you don’t have to, to find some beautiful lingerie brands that fulfill the Fairtrade criteria. I’ve found several UK brands, included one based in Manchester that has the most beautiful underwear and sleepwear reminiscent of the 1920s. Kinky Knickers have been added to my Atlist, as well as a pair of silk pyjamas from London based brand Nui Ami.

Kinky Knickers is a brilliant brand, with amazing brand values. Of course, being a Manchester brand, they fully have my support with my shop local ethic. Based in the Middleton area, the girls design, source and manufacture each piece in their factory and give great customer service by being contactable by phone should you need them. Each piece is made by hand, with great attention to detail. As no woman is made the same, they meticulously trial and test each piece before sending it to production. They also use fabrics that wouldn’t usually be used in factories, which makes the brand all the more appealing to consumers. The attention to detail to create the perfect fit certainly makes this a brand worth watching. They also have the brand Ella and Me under their umbrella, who are the design geniuses behind the nightwear ranges. I mean, just looking the exquisite silk pjs, I am sold.


The approach brought by Nui Ami is that of versatility and comfort. They specialise in camisoles and sleep bralettes, which are my absolute favourite for bedtime comfort. I like to look great in nightwear, should anyone decide to turn up unannounced whilst I’m lounging in beautiful pieces that I can just hop into bed in. As all of the fabrics are natural, they suit people like myself who are both hot and cold sleepers. Nui Ami states how provenance is very important to the brand and that each piece of sleepwear is made from the finest French Leavers lace, Austrian jerseys and Italian silks that are designed and manufactured in the UK. Although pricey, I do feel that these items are investments piece and I really love the Kyoto kimono pyjamas.

Even browsing my old faithful shopping website ASOS, it has brought to light that they have a section for Eco clothing, with clothes made from sustainable fabrics. ASOS have been certified carbon neutral and utilise emission reduction measures from the warehouse to delivery. Working to reduce the amount of waste from packaging is a lot more obvious with each order these days. Whilst the majority of ASOS own branded clothing does not use many eco friendly materials, the Eco Edit is a step in the right direction to making a difference in the world of fashion.

Living a sustainable life does not have to be difficult, and I’m actually shocked at how easy it is to find Fairtrade products by using Atlist. At the moment, Atlist is invite only however you can sign up to use the platform by following my invitation link. Don’t forget to follow my Atlists and create your own ethical lists of products that you think people will love.

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