Clueless: Cher Style

‘Okay, so you’re probably going, “Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?’ Can you believe that this classic movie is nearly 20 years old?! As If! I feel way old.
One thing that Cher has taught me over the years is that a sense of style is confidence and that layering is good. Clueless hit our movie screens back in 1995 and brought with it some of the best quotes, that I do still use to this day, and that 90s style that we tried so hard to get (even though I was only 13 and had no money). Fast forward 19 years and the fashion is back. Here’s a few pieces that I have put together to bring Chers’ fashion sense into the 21st Century.
Cher Horowitz Style

Knee high socks are back, but rather than wearing white, I’ve swapped them for black. A smart pair of Mary Janes are in keeping with Chers impeccable style. Instead of opting for a tartan suit, a dogtooth printed diagonal hemmed skirt is more modern  and team with a white shirt and pink v necked cardi for a pop of colour. Cher loved her miniature backpack but I am loving this Marc Jacobs version. Swap the berets for a slouch beanie and there you have it, 1995 fashion in 2014!

  • Katie

    Love that look. The pink marc Jacobs is so cute. One thing that stuck with me from Cher was to coordinate!

    • I love Cher 🙂 She set me up for life!xx

  • Melissa (@fruitycherries7)

    gorgeous outfit and i love the skirt !
    The Inked Blonde