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Christmas 2017: Rock On Ruby for the Win

It’s officially my last week in work before Christmas and I have so much that I want to get done before the big day. One of my biggest conundrums is how, as a lactose intolerant person, am I going to be able to eat a cheeseboard without feeling the pain. I will get around this, and I will be cheese satisfied. In the meantime, I want to finish my shopping list, finishing my food shopping, and try my best to buy some Christmas cards to deliver to the neighbours. The last one may not happen. Whilst I’ve been sat at home this weekend, I had a thought. As I’ve not done a particularly fashion based post in quite sometime, as I’m not feeling particularly fashionable at the moment, I thought why not just show off what I am living in these day. Sometimes normally is key rather than being so over the top dressed up to the nines. My life recently involved a big cosy sweater and my Proskins leggings and I’m not even sorry that this is all I live in. I’m living my best days right now.

Rock On Ruby for the Win Proskins Ego Scarlett Boots

Rock On Ruby for the Win Proskins Ego Scarlett Boots

Another Rock On Ruby to add to the ever growing collection, I would much rather have a slogan top or jumper from an independent business who I know are working their little personalised socks off on the run up to Christmas. You may remember my Proud AF t.shirt from Gay Pride weekend, and my Summer make up bag with glittery text. This Christmas, I will be combining my love of Unicorns with my love of the festive period and I am delighted to be wearing a very rare Rudolph-icorn on my sweater.

I do love how every item from Rock on Ruby can be personalised to your specification, whether it be from the colour or the design. Should you want your name on it – it’s possible. Your year of birth? There’s a whole range for that? Want to be a Wizard? You can. The possibilities are endless. Jumpers, t.shirts, pyjamas, dressing gowns. Whatever you feel you need, you can have. I think that I need some cheeky little slogan t.shirts to add my wardrobe, as they come in so handy with my relaxed dress code at work.

I am going to have a mini rave and love in session now. Be prepared. Gym leggings are my new love and I don’t even go to the gym. I have not taken these bad boys off and I swear they’ve made my legs look a bit slimmer. The Proskins Slim Black Leggings are quite simply amazing. They’re leggings – how can leggings be so amazing? Several reasons for me. They make my legs look slim, they fit properly, they don’t get baggy knees. They look great on their own, with a skirt, with an oversized top, with a sweater. They add extra layers in this cold weather without making you sweat. They give me a thigh gap as they compress my legs where they should. They wash well, they don’t pull or snag, and they still look brand new. There’s a 28 days challenge, which I haven’t took part in, but I should have done as I have worn them so much. I can definitely see a difference on my legs and the cellulite on my inner thighs. They are the bomb.

Rock On Ruby for the Win Proskins Ego Scarlett Boots

Rock On Ruby for the Win Proskins Ego Scarlett Boots

It’s been nearly twelve months since I became unable to wear heels, and whilst it irritates when I’m going out out, it makes me really happy to know that I have a plethora of different flat shoes and boots to wear. I have a small thing for black boots at the moment; Timberlands, knee highs and now my amazingly fabulous Scarlett Bow Boots from Ego Official. A little bit heavy duty and rock chick with the studs and biker boot style, but with a soft femininity from the velvet bows. Since I have these boots, I have worn them to death. I did this last year with my over the knee boots and they literally fell apart. I get so many compliments about these boots, and the fact that they’re only £39.99 makes them even more special!

Now it has been snowing, and the temperatures have dropped somewhat, I have found a new item of clothing that I will be loving in for the foreseeable – my onesie. Jobs a good un’!

The last day for guaranteed Christmas delivery with Rock on Ruby is to have your order in by Monday. Don’t miss out!

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